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About brain surgery

For any patient visiting our hospitals to undergo treatment for a brain condition or injury, we fully appreciate you and your family will be going through a particularly difficult time. You can have complete confidence knowing you will be cared for by the very best neurosurgeons and specialist nursing teams in the country.

At The Harley Street Clinic, The Wellington Hospital and London Bridge Hospital, we have fully-equipped operating theatres, the largest private intensive care units, out-of-hours imaging, consultant neurosurgeon on-call and dedicated neurosurgical nursing teams and wards to care. Because of this, we are among the very few private hospitals in London who can perform complex brain surgery.

Finding the right diagnosis and treatment for you

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Brain tumours

Primary brain tumours. There are two different types of primary brain tumour; non-cancerous (benign) and cancerous (malignant)

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Brain haemorrhage


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Brain aneurysm

Intracranial or cerebral aneurysm - a bulge that forms in the blood vessels of your brain.



HCA UK provides urgent stroke treatment and a multi-disciplinary neurorehabilitation recovery programme
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Fluid on the brain, a condition affecting the brain of children and adults.

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Chiari malformation

Structural defects in the base of the skull and cerebellum. A congenital neurological condition that can cause neurological problems including balance.



If you have syringomyelia, leading HCA UK neurosurgeons can treat the condition surgically
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Headaches and migraine service

Dedicated to diagnosing and treating headaches and migraines, from our network of neurologists

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Facial pain

Recurrent pain around the head, temple and face. Facial pain, either acute or chronic, is often difficult to manage since no visible cause can be found in many cases.



Epileptic seizures. Epilepsy is a general term for seizures that start in the brain - find out how our neurologists can help.


Deep brain stimulation (DBS) for dystonia

HCA UK offers deep brain stimulation, which can help relieve tremors caused by dystonia in many patients

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Deep brain stimulation to control epileptic seizures

Neurostimulation, HCA UK offers deep brain stimulation (DBS) implants to help control the symptoms of epilepsy


Deep brain stimulation to control parkinsons disease

Neurostimulation for Parkinson's disease. HCA UK offers deep brain stimulation (DBS) implants to help control problems with movement.

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Deep brain stimulation for essential tremor

DBS for involuntary shaking. HCA UK offers deep brain stimulation to help control symptoms of essential tremor, such as involuntary shaking

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Deep brain stimulation for chronic pain

DBS to manage chronic pain, HCA UK offers deep brain stimulation for chronic pain where medication is no longer effective.

Services for children

Paediatric neurosurgery

We were the first private hospital in the UK to treat children with brain tumours. We also treat children with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, brain haemorrhages and congenital problems through to acute neurological rehabilitation for children with head injuries at The Portland Hospital.


Meet the team of consultants who specialise in brain surgery

At our hospitals, you’ll see a neurosurgeon who subspecialises in exactly what you need. They will discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with as many as twenty other senior clinicians. It’s their combined skill and judgement that delivers the best outcomes for patients.

We have more teaching hospital neurosurgeons working in HCA UK than any other private hospital group. Our consultant neurosurgeons choose to work in our hospitals because we have the clinical governance, exceptional levels of safety, multidisciplinary teams, clinical expertise and specialist nursing teams to deliver outstanding care. 

Innovative specialist treatments

We are one of the few private hospital groups to have surgically implanted an electrode into the brain to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

We have also treated movement disorders such as spasticity with deep brain stimulation. And our treatment for brain tumours includes the latest vaccines, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and also immunotherapy.


Pioneering technology

From highly specialist diagnostic imaging to ultrasonic surgical aspirators, and computer-assisted technology used by our neurosurgeons to navigate within the brain during surgery, we invest in the most cutting-edge technology available.

At The Harley Street Clinic we are pioneering progressive immunotherapy treatment for brain tumours. We remove tumour cells from the patient, make antibodies of that tumour, refine them and put them back into the patient to attack and destroy the tumour cells while protecting the healthy tissue.
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State-of-the-art intraoperative MRI for neurosurgery

As part of HCA Healthcare UK’s continued investment in the latest medical technology, The Wellington Hospital’s Neurosurgery Centre is now equipped with an intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) scanner and fully integrated digital theatre.

The iMRI scanner allows surgeons to carry out an intraoperative MRI scan of their patient’s brain during their surgery. This gives the surgeon confidence that they have achieved their treatment goal. It also provides our patients with the best possible chance of tumours being removed fully without the need for further surgery.


CyberKnife® treatment

Our neurosurgeons are continually at the forefront of delivering world-class care and treatment to our patients, at locations such as The London CyberKnife® Centre, part of The Harley Street Clinic.

The painless CyberKnife® day treatment uses a robotic-assisted arm to send radiation beams from many different angles, as a result targeting multiple tumours in one treatment. 

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Visualase® treatment for brain tumours

HCA UK continues to push boundaries, being the first private healthcare provider in London to offer Visualase®, a minimally-invasive brain tumour treatment that requires a small incision and offers faster recovery than open surgery.

The MRI-guided treatment is administered by leading neurosurgeons at The Harley Street Clinic. Consultants use the Stealth Autoguide cranial robotic system for this procedure, allowing consultants to administer Visualase® treatment with careful precision and accuracy, while cutting down operating times.


Gamma Knife treatment

The London Gamma Knife Centre at The Wellington Hospital offers progressive, non-invasive treatment to patients with benign and malignant brain tumours, as well as other brain conditions such as vascular disorders, Parkinson's tremor and severe facial pain.


This state-of-the-art technology delivers gamma rays to treat tumours in the brain, with unparalleled precision and without the need for surgery. Patients can normally go home the same day, after treatment.

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London Neurosurgery Partnership

HCA UK is incredibly proud to be working so closely with the London Neurosurgery Partnership, a group spinal and cranial neurosurgeons who have come together to deliver world-class neurosurgical treatment.

Each consultant is recognised as a super-specialist in their area of expertise. You can rest assured that you, or your family member, will receive the best possible care no matter how serious your condition may be.

Brain surgery Consultants

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Mr Christopher Chandler


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Mr Neil Dorward


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Mr David Bell


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Mr Francesco Vergani


Our Brain surgery locations

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The Harley Street Clinic

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The Shard Outpatients

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