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Welcome to HCA Healthcare UK, where details matter and getting you back to your best self is our priority.

Our network of private hospitals, outpatient and medical centres is dedicated to treating you as an individual with healthcare as unique as you are. 

Leading care, recommended by patients

We’re constantly evolving our services to ensure every patient gets the high-quality, personalised care you value. We’re proud to have a higher proportion of CQC ‘Outstanding’ ratings than any other private hospital network in the UK and our unparalleled care means that 98% of patients recommend HCA UK*.

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All HCA UK hospitals are rated Good or Outstanding.
    32,000+ reviews
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      32,000+ reviews
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      Our service lines

      Access specialised care

      We offer specialised care across all areas of medicine to treat a broad range of conditions, including those that are very rare. Our experts collaborate on multidisciplinary teams to share knowledge and offer holistic and tailored treatment plans.

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      Women's health
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      Neurology and Neurosurgery
      GP and urgent care services

      See a trusted GP quickly


      GP services

      Same or next day appointments with doctors available in person, via video or telephone at a time and place that suits you.
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      Urgent care

      Our network of Urgent Care Centres across London are available 365 days a year. No appointment needed. Just walk in.
      Fertility ultrasound

      Test & scans

      We invest in the most advanced technology and provide all major tests and scans. Our diagnostic pathology tests are provided by our accredited in-house laboratory.
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      Second opinion

      Ask for a second opinion if you want the reassurance of another expert reviewing your diagnosis and treatment plan. 
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      Health screening

      Our GP-led screening programme covers a wide range of health parameters, including cardiovascular health, cancer markers, genetic predispositions, metabolic disorders, and more.
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      Our Outpatients across the UK use the latest equipment and technology to offer a broad range of advanced tests, imaging services and outpatient procedures.
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      Day patients

      In some cases, you can visit us as a day patient if your required treatment can be undertaken within six hours. 
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      Inpatient treatments

      We’re here to make sure your time with us is a comfortable and positive one. From the moment you walk in, you'll experience home comforts and responsive services that are tailored to your needs. 
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      Accessing care

      New to private healthcare?

      At HCA UK, we make access to private care as seamless as possible for you and your family. If you have private medical insurance and your treatment is covered, we can help connect you with the right specialist consultant. If you’re looking for a diagnosis or treatment, don't have private medical insurance but don’t want to wait, all of our services can be paid for as and when you need them.

      Patient stories

      From fertility journeys to knee-surgery, read the personal accounts from some of our patients whose experiences may help others undergoing medical treatment.