Specialising in state-of-the-art treatment and rehabilitation for patients with complex abdominal and gynaecological conditions.

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About our Complex Abdominal & Pelvic Surgery Centre

The Complex Abdominal & Pelvic Surgery Centre based at The Harley Street Clinic, provides a specialist service for the diagnosis, treatment and long-term care of patients with oesophagogastric, hepato-pancreatico-biliary, small bowel, colorectal, abdominal wall and gynaecological conditions. It is our multidisciplinary team of eminent specialists that set us apart, providing a comprehensive and ever-evolving service with a broad team of experts, often treating difficult and complex cases from all over the UK and overseas. 

We pride ourselves on taking a very holistic approach to ensuring you receive the best care possible. This is why from diagnosis, through to treatment and aftercare, we guide you through each stage of your treatment with us - ensuring you feel fully reassured about your care and recovery at our Centre.

What sets us apart?

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    The only private Complex Abdominal & Pelvic Surgery Centre in the UK

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    Specialists in every area of complex abdominal and gynaecological care

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    Quick access and triage to the right specialist, every time

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    Specialist pathologists and radiologists collaborating with surgeons to reach a quick and accurate diagnosis

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    Treating all benign, malignant and complex conditions

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    A multidisciplinary team (MDT) bringing a range of expertise and capability to each patients’ care

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    A range of pre and post-operative ongoing support and care including pain management and specialist nurse support

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    State-of-the-art facilities including the latest technology and Level 3 Intensive Care Unit

Our multidisciplinary team

Our shared team vision is to have a patient-focused centre of excellence where surgical experts in complex abdominal and gynaecological conditions work together. In our multidisciplinary team meeting, some of the UK’s most highly skilled surgeons including collaborate closely with anaesthetists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, radiotherapists and pathologists to create a care plan that is tailored to your specific condition and needs. 

What you can expect from us

Patients with complex abdominal conditions often require ongoing and at times long-term care from experts in many specialties. Some of our patients require a lengthy recovery period in hospital and other patients may require specialised wound care, nutritional rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation. We ensure you have full access to all our supportive services.

In addition to surgeons, our wider team includes experts in nursing, nutrition, intensive care medicine, rehabilitation and wound care. Our extensive experience ensures that you receive the best possible care at each stage of your treatment.

Getting a second opinion

There are many reasons why you may be considering a second opinion, such as you are not confident that the correct diagnosis has been made or your condition has returned following treatment. Our surgeons are known for their ability to treat complex patients, including those routinely turned down for surgery at other centres.

Outstanding facilities, 24/7 care

From private en-suite bedrooms to Level 3 Intensive Care Units, from the very latest diagnostic technology to our outstanding levels of safety critical in the provision of complex care, we take a 24/7 multi model approach to each patient’s recovery. All within the same Centre so you can have peace of mind you will not need to transfer to another facility for different aspects for your care. You will be fully supported by teams with deep clinical knowledge combined with compassion and the time to dedicate to your care and recovery.

Contact the Centre

If you have any questions about our centre or would like to book an appointment with a specialist, you can call or email us.

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