Private healthcare in Manchester

Our private healthcare facilities in Manchester have specialist expertise in caring for patients with common to complex conditions and have dedicated treatment and support services for those diagnosed with cancer. We aim to ensure we go the extra mile for our patients and provide the highest level of care possible, whilst tailoring treatment to each individual person. To give our patients the most accurate diagnosis and treatment, HCA UK continually invest in the latest medical technology and equipment at all our facilities.

Our hospitals and outpatient clinics are accessible to those with private medical insurance, company or embassy sponsorship and for those who prefer to self fund their treatment.

Our specialist departments at HCA UK

  • Orthopaedic care

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    Orthopaedic Care covers all areas of the musculoskeletal system and is split into the main areas of the body covering, Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Elbow, the Spine, the Hand and Wrist, the Foot and Ankle and the Peripheral Nerve. At HCA UK, we have orthopaedic consultants who specialise in all areas, and...

  • Cardiac care

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    Cardiac care services at HCA Healthcare UK cover general cardiology, heart rhythm disorders, interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and diagnostic testing for cardiac conditions.

  • Clinical oncology

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    Clinical oncology uses radiotherapy and systemic therapy to treat and manage cancer, without surgery. Radiotherapy treats cancer using exact and carefully measured doses of radiation directed to the specific area of the body where the cancer is. Systemic therapy includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy...

  • Clinical neurosciences

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  • Paediatric care

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    HCA UK offers the full breadth of children’s services across each of our paediatric sites, delivered by leading consultant paediatricians and an expert team of healthcare professionals.

  • Gastroenterology

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    Gastroenterology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the stomach and intestines. Whether you need a routine test or complex cancer treatment, our multidisciplinary team of gastrointestinal consultants, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists will work together...

  • General surgery

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    Our general surgeons use the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques to treat your condition. Because of the increasingly specialist nature of all surgery, we tend to divide general surgery into a number of sub-specialties. General surgery is carried out by surgeons who are trained to perform a...

  • Gynaecology

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    Gynaecology is a medical speciality focused on women's reproductive health. We provide a breadth of expertise and supportive services for a wide range of conditions that can affect the female reproductive system, from urinary tract infections to ovarian cancer. Our consultant gynaecologists and physicians...

  • Fertility and reproductive medicine

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    We have fertility specialists who provide a holistic approach to investigating and treating fertility problems. Even if you've been turned away elsewhere, our specialists give you all the information you need to make decisions about your treatment, and will let you know your chance of success. Many of...

  • Cancer Care Network

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    The HCA Healthcare UK cancer network in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Our multidisciplinary cancer care teams committed to delivering the very best personalised oncology care. 

New state-of-the-art theatres now open at The Christie Private Care

We're recently increased our theatre capacity at The Christie Private Care to offer an improved treatment journey for our existing patients as well as the ability to provide additional access to new patients locally in the Manchester areas including Cheshire, Stockport and Wilmslow, as well as nationally.

Our flagship healthcare facilities in Manchester

Our locations near Manchester

We have a network of clinics able to offer access to consultants, diagnostic tests and imaging scans. To find our locations view our map below 

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