Physiotherapy after spinal surgery and injury


Regular repetition of simple back, leg and abdominal exercises can speed up recovery and strengthen supportive muscles

Physiotherapy supporting recovery from spinal surgery

If you've had spinal decompression, spinal fusion or lumbar disc surgery with us, our physiotherapy team will work with you to create a rehabilitation plan. Initially this involves some gentle stretching and breathing exercises while you're in hospital. These will help to improve circulation and keep you as comfortable as possible in the days following surgery.

Your physiotherapist will visit you in hospital to talk about the steps you should take to start rebuilding your strength and mobility. They'll also let you know what activities to avoid.

If you need to wear a brace while your back heals, they'll explain this to you.

Our physiotherapy team after spinal surgery

Our physiotherapists work closely with you to understand your range of movements and areas that need strengthening after spinal surgery.

Your physiotherapist will show you how to do a range of simple exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. They'll let you know how many repetitions of each exercise you should do.

They may also recommend Pilates or a course of outpatient physio.