Robotic Endometriosis at The Princess Grace Hospital: Specialised surgical treatment to manage endometriosis

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Welcome to our specialist endometriosis service

Endometriosis care at The Princess Grace Hospital provides highly specialist treatment to help manage the symptoms of endometriosis. Our internationally recognised consultants have a wealth of experience in treating complex endometriosis problems related to pain and fertility.  

We take a compassionate and personalised approach to identifying your condition and finding the appropriate treatment plan for you.

Our Robotic Endometriosis Centre is a BSGE accredited centre.

Our gynaecological expertise

We provide world-class, holistic care for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. Our world-leading specialists are able to diagnose deep disease and rarer causes of pelvic pain, which are often missed through regular scans.

When you come to The Princess Grace Hospital for endometriosis screening, you’ll have a comprehensive consultation alongside an examination. We’ll discuss the surgical options available to you and together we’ll establish a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We are able to offer surgical procedures using the latest technology, such as 3D laparoscopy and the da Vinci robotic system

Evidence-based endometriosis treatment

Where surgical intervention is needed, our endometriosis experts will discuss with you whether your personalised treatment plan will involve traditional techniques, such as ablation, or new surgical techniques. Our surgeons often publish research on new and developing techniques for the treatment of endometriosis, setting a precedent and establishing standards. 

Advanced robotics endometriosis surgery

The surgeons at The Princess Grace Hospital are able to provide keyhole surgery for the treatment of endometriosis using robotic technology. If you have this type of surgery, your surgeon will guide the arms of the da Vinci robotic System to perform the procedure.

This technology enables the surgeon to complete minimally invasive surgery using the most precise instruments. The robotic arms are not affected by tremors like human hands, and they can rotate further than a human hand, ensuring a high level of accuracy when working around sensitive structures in the pelvis, such as the ureters, bowel and nerves.

Experienced in the latest techniques

Our consultants are well-known for their work on the use of robotic and 3D surgical techniques to treat endometriosis. The first UK combined 3D/4K laparoscopic surgery was carried out at The Princess Grace Hospital in 2019. This technology gives a far superior quality of view than a standard definition screen, allowing our surgeons to identify subtle endometriosis lesions that otherwise may have been missed. 

Comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for Endometriosis

When you visit The Princess Grace Hospital for endometriosis treatment, you can expect access to the following:

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    The latest surgical 3D and robotic technology

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    Excellent diagnostic tests

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    A comprehensive consultation with a world-renowned consultant

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    Specialist care for complex cases

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     A holistic approach tailored to your condition

Our consultants


Peter Barton-Smith

Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon

Christopher Chandler

Denis Tsepov

Consultant Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon

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