London Skin and Mole Clinic: Consultant-led clinic for enabling a faster diagnosis and early detection of suspicious moles

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Why choose us?

At the London Skin and Mole Clinic we offer skin and mole screening using the most advanced and automated total body mapping (ATBM), enabling a a faster diagnosis and early detection of malignant melanomas with patients often treated on the same day for mole removals.

This service is exclusively consultant-led to optimise your medical care, and we also offer same-day removal of the suspicious moles as a one-stop service. These removed moles or lesions will be analysed by our world-class histopathologists to give the most accurate reports. 

Multidisciplinary expertise and care

Our renowned experts are part of a multidisciplinary team that includes leaders in oncology and plastic surgery, all of whom are available to provide care should you have an advanced skin cancer and require further teams involved in your treatments.

We are based within the London Breast Institute, and work closely with the team here to support breast cancer patients who have a far higher risk of contracting skin cancer. We also treat other dermatological conditions related to patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer, including rashes and optimising surgical scars.


Expert dermatologist

Professor Ramia Mokbel is a an expert consultant dermatologist with special interests in skin cancer and mole removal. Prof Mokbel’s other specialisms include:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Scars treatment
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Inflammatory skin diseases
  • Skin allergy

She also provides a mole mapping service along with biopsies and skin regenerative procedures.


Total body mapping

Our world-class total body mapping studio is exclusively consultant-led and uses the "two-step method of digital follow-up" with total body mapping and digital dermoscopy to help diagnose melanoma and other skin cancers as early as possible. 

The special video dermoscopy camera Medicam 1000s offers the sharpest images in digital dermoscopy, with CrystalView technology showing even more detail in each pixel and better image sharpness in Full HD. It is the benchmark for skin microscopy, powered by the most reliable artificial intelligence (AI), high resolution total body photography together with the Medicam 1000s for digital dermoscopy to support skin cancer detection at its earliest.


Did you know?

Malignant melanoma is the most aggressive type of skin cancer and can shorten lives significantly for both older and younger people if diagnosed late. However, it is 100% curable if diagnosed early. 

Research has supported a remarkable bi-directional link between breast cancer and malignant melanomas. It has been strongly advised that all breast cancer patients should be made very aware of this link and the significance of changing moles and those with suspicious lesions referred to a dermatologist for evaluation, especially if breast cancer was diagnosed under the age of 40 years.

Patient journey

  • Initial appointment icon plus

    You will be consulted by Dr R Mokbel who will screen and assess your skin, moles and other skin lesions by using the most advanced dermoscopy (magnifier) which allows us to see the moles and other lesions a few millimeters underneath the skin to achieve best outcome and analysis. Dr Mokbel will then advise you about your moles and highlight any suspicious mole or lesion which could be removed on the same day to be sent for histopathological analysis by our world-class histopathologists. 

    We can also offer you total body mapping on the same day. This service is unique as it assesses all of your skin and moles to the highest standers and is then analysed by Dr Mokbel using a highly advanced dermoscopy device. This machine also provides a second opinion operated by artificial intelligence to maximimise your care and treatment. These images will be downloaded on a USB and handed out to you at the end of the consultation. This will enable you to monitor your moles by yourself for life, which is the key for preventing late malignant melanoma.  

    Should you require skin surgery, this procedure will be explained to you by Dr R Mokbel and a consent form will be signed. A post-surgery care instruction leaflet will also be given to you.

  • After initial appointment icon plus

    Total body mapping, bloods, diagnostic skin biopsy or excision of a suspicious mole or lesion will be sent for histopathology analysis. 

  • Treatment icon plus

    This will be planned based upon the results of the assessment of your individualised skin cancer risk and any other investigations. For advanced skin cancer treatments our world-class oncologists, plastic surgeons and histopathologists will firstly discuss your individual case and the best route of treatment in their multidisciplinary meeting.

    Skin surgery to remove or biopsy a skin lesion is considered a minor, quick and non-invasive procedure which usually takes approximately 20-30 minutes under local anaesthesia. You should be able to carry on your daily activity as usual, but should avoid any sort of work that could result in you applying tension on the wound area.

  • Post-surgical care icon plus

    You will be provided with a post-surgery leaflet that explains how to look after your wound, and we will arrange a further reappointment to return to discuss your results and for your suture to be removed if you needed them as part of your surgery. 


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