Preparing parents for birth and beyond

Offering eight-weeks of highly specialised antenatal classes, The Bump Class prepares you for childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. To prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for childbirth, your classes start in your final trimester.

Each two-hour session is kept small and intimate with around 12 participants per class, providing you a safe and relaxed setting where questions and discussions are encouraged.

Everyone in your class will be due within around a month of each other, offering you the opportunity to establish an invaluable support network that often endures long after your classes have finished.

During pregnancy


Hosted by Dr Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle, The Bump Class offers practical advice on how to best care for your health and wellbeing when experiencing the hormonal and psychological changes that come with pregnancy and childbirth.

During focused classes, you will learn pelvic floor exercises and breathing techniques to help you manage contractions and prepare for active labour. All The Bump Class sessions are supported by midwives, physiotherapists, osteopaths and breastfeeding specialists to provide you with the best possible advice.

Thank you for helping me to prepare for motherhood. The classes were absolutely invaluable and I don’t think I would have coped without them. The timing, structure and contents of each class was just perfect!

A few words from a patient

Looking ahead

As well as providing invaluable guidance in the lead up to giving birth, the classes are also designed to help you feel prepared for the months that follow. Sessions include:

  • coaching on postnatal care to help you cope physically and emotionally after birth, 
  • insight into the physiology of breastfeeding and
  • advice on how to best aid recovery through physical activity and core strength and pelvic floor exercises. 

Paediatric first aid


You will also have the opportunity to take a paediatric first aid course where you’ll learn lifesaving skills.

The course covers all aspects of paediatric first aid including resuscitation, choking, burns, bleeding, head injuries, diarrhoea and vomiting. Participants will receive a paediatric first aid manual and certificate at the end of the course.

How much does it cost?

The Bump Class eight-week antenatal course includes a copy of The Bump Class; An Expert Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. If you’re unable to attend classes in person, or find it difficult to travel, all sessions are also available online.

Enquiries and Bookings

If you have any queries about our classes or would like to book a class you can contact us by telephone or email

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+44 (0)747 069 7407
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