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The Lister Fertility Clinic helps couples and individuals become parents using donor sperm

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The Lister Fertility Clinic has offered a successful donor sperm treatment program for many years. Whether requiring donor sperm due to significant male factor fertility problems, as a single women or as part of a same-sex relationship we will guide you through the process from choosing the appropriate treatment modality to how to source the donor sperm.

Which sperm bank do we work with?

We work directly with the European Sperm Bank. With this bank, we can be confident that the highest possible standards are met with donors carefully selected and screened according to the rules laid out by the British Andrology Society, the British Fertility Society and the HFEA.

The European Sperm Bank offers significant information, both in terms of physical characteristics and personal detail, to help make your choice.

Visit the European Sperm Bank website

Once you have chosen

Once you have selected a donor, the sperm will be with us within a week ready for treatment to commence.

All using donor sperm are required to have a counselling session to discuss the implications of using donor sperm and in particular the anonymity regulations. Since April 2005, identifying information about donors is held on the HFEA Register and may be given to any child born from a donation, if requested, once they are 18 years old.

On occasion, you may choose to use a "known donor", who could be a friend or family member, who will then be required to visit us for a consultation and then undergo similar counselling and screening to an anonymous donor.

Download our guide to sourcing donor sperm for treatment at the Lister Fertility Clinic

Read guidance on the use on donor sperm in your treatment on the HFEA website

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Lister Fertility Clinic at The Portland Hospital

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Lister Fertility Clinic

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