Foot and ankle

Whether you're suffering from ankle instability, Achilles tendon problems, bunions or need joint replacement surgery, our foot and ankle specialists can help with expert diagnosis and a fast track to treatment.

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Your guide to foot and ankle conditions and treatment

The foot and ankle is a complex joint as it has bones and ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.  The ankle joint alone is the point where the shine bone (tibia), ankle bone (talus) and the calf bone (fibula) meet.

Whether you have a problem bunion restricting your ability to walk, an unstable ankle preventing a return to sport and exercise or a painful arthritic joint affecting your quality of life, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of diagnosis, treatment options and aftercare.

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Meet our foot and ankle experts

We’re home to a highly-skilled team of orthopaedic consultants, with state-of-the-art technology such as standing CT scanning, to offer first-class diagnosis and treatment to patients with foot and ankle problems. For children and young people with congenital defects including club foot and flat feet deformities, our HCA UK paediatric teams offer corrective procedures such as the highly specialised Ponseti treatment.

Our foot and ankle consultants are located across our leading London hospitals: London Bridge Hospital, The Wellington Hospital in north London, The Princess Grace Hospital in central London, and The Lister Hospital in Chelsea. Our children’s orthopaedic consultants are based at The Portland Hospital for Children, just south of Regent’s Park, also in London. And our specialist foot and ankle teams and orthopaedic network extends to just south of Manchester, at The Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire and in the West Midlands, at The Harborne Hospital.

Common foot and ankle conditions

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Our consultants perform corrective surgery for many patients to relieve them of the discomfort when walking and ill-fitting shoes.

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Achilles tendon rupture

This occurs when there is a tear of separation of the tendon fibres.  It is relatively common and can be serious. You may need surgery if the tendon ends aren’t in contact.

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Ankle arthritis

This is where the shock absorbing cartilage of the joint is worn, causes pain and a lack of mobility.  Surgery may be required option once non-surgical routes have been exhausted.

Common knee treatments

Ankle Arthroscopy

A diagnostic test allowing our consultant to investigate the inside of your ankle joint using a small surgical camera (arthroscope). It’s used to diagnose ligament damage to arthritis.

Ankle replacement

Surgery to relieve the pain caused by ankle arthritis when your symptoms haven’t responded to other treatments.

Morton's neuroma surgery

A procedure to relieve the nerve inflammation between the toes. Continued pressure on the nerve can cause pain and numbness.