Comprehensive Diagnostics

Building a picture of your heart to investigate and understand if there are any heart anomalies or cardiac disorders. 

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Diagnostic tests and imaging to aid diagnosis

Diagnostic tests and imaging are fundamental for diagnosing and managing cardiac problems. The test results and scans help create an image of each patient’s heart to help guide what our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and electrophysiologists do next. We only work with the most advanced cardiac imaging equipment, provided through the most comprehensive private cardiac diagnostics network in the UK. And it’s why the teams behind the equipment – from physiologists to reporting clinicians – are leaders in their field. 

At HCA UK you can get test results within 48 hours * of your visit to us. 

Cardiac tests and heart scans at HCA UK

Blood pressure monitoring

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is a non-invasive way of recording your blood pressure over 24 hours or longer. 

Ajmaline provocation test


An ajmaline challenge is a diagnostic procedure to detect Brugada syndrome, a rare but serious electrical heart disorder

Holter Monitor Test


An electrocardiogram monitor measures and records your heart's rate and rhythm for a period of 24 hours to seven days

Bubble contrast echocardiogram


A specialised cardiac ultrasound study, used to detect connections between the right and left side of the heart

Cardiac CT scan

CT coronary angiogram with calcium scoring. A cardiac CT scan offers a non-invasive technique to evaluate the heart arteries and structure of the heart using X-rays.

Cardiac MRI scan

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the heart. A cardiac MRI creates detailed pictures of your heart and major blood vessels to help diagnose and treat heart problems.

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Specialist cardiac teams behind the machines

Our technicians, physiologists, reporting clinicians and radiologists are all specialists — using our machines to get the most precise information possible. Many even super-specialise in particular diagnostic tests, technology and analysis.

Our imaging teams have introduced diagnostic technologies to the UK, like FFRct technology. Some have even introduced world-first technologies, like applying state-of-the-art bioengineering techniques to cardiac CT. Our consultants work with research institutions, lead panels to evaluate new technology, and are internationally recognised teachers in the field — one has founded the largest CT training academy in Europe.

In multi-disciplinary team meetings, imaging teams present patients’ results and discuss them with a room of senior clinicians. All the expertise in the room is channelled into choosing the best treatment for each patient.

Getting the right diagnosis first time


Every day our technicians run tests like echocardiography, CT, MR and PET scans for patients. Our technology gives us the fastest, highest-definition 3D images possible.

Blood tests

A blood test can tell your consultant all about your heart muscle, enzymes, proteins and cholesterol. Our perfusionists even perform blood tests during operations to predict how a patient might respond to treatment inside and outside the operating theatre.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Test


An ECG is a simple and non-invasive test to assess heart rate and rhythm and diagnose or monitor heart conditions

Cardiac Stress Test


A stress test or exercise tolerance test gives information about how your heart functions under the strain of exercise

Cardiac Care Patient Stories

Our cardiac hospitals across the UK

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The Harley Street Clinic

35 Weymouth Street  W1G 8BJ London
The Portland Hospital External

The Portland Hospital

205-209 Great Portland Street W1W 5AH London
78 Harley Street Entrance

78 Harley Street

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88 Harley Street


Devonshire Diagnostic Centre

13-19 Devonshire Street Marylebone W1G 7AF London

The Wellington Hospital

Wellington Place St John's Wood NW8 9LE London
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Elstree Waterfront Outpatients

The Waterfront Business Park Beaufort House, Elstree Road WD6 3BS Elstree
Eisman Myers

Golders Green Outpatients

Roman House, 296 Golders Green Road Golders Green NW11 9PY London

LOC at Platinum Medical Centre

15-17 Lodge Road St John's Wood NW8 7JA London

London Bridge Hospital

27 Tooley Street SE1 2PR London

The Lister Hospital

Chelsea Bridge Road SW1W 8RH London
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Chiswick Outpatients

Bond House 347-353 Chiswick High Road W4 4HS London

The Harborne Hospital

Mindelsohn Way B15 2FQ Birmingham

The Wilmslow Hospital

52-54 Alderley Road Wilmslow SK9 1NY Cheshire
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Get the best cardiac care with HCA UK

If heart symptoms are affecting your quality of life, we’re here to help. Our heart team is available to book an appointment with a cardiac specialist.

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