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Online payments

If you're paying for your own test, consultation or treatment, you'll need to pay before your appointment. If you're a UK-based patient paying with a credit or debit card, we make it simple to submit your payment securely online.

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Self-funded treatment

If you choose to pay for your own care, our hospitals accept all major credit cards, cash, bank transfers and personal cheques with a banker's card.

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Private medical insurance

If you have private medical insurance, we advise you to confirm with your insurer that your treatment is covered and get authorisation before making an appointment.


Corporate-sponsored patients

If we have agreed for your company to cover the cost of your healthcare, you'll need to provide a letter of guarantee authorising payment for your tests or treatment.


Government-sponsored patients

If you're being sponsored by an international embassy, you'll need to ensure we are provided with a letter of guarantee before your appointment to cover your treatment.

Common questions

If for any reason you're not able to pay online or in person on the day of your treatment, you can call our team on 020 7034 4640 and make your payment over the phone.

All medical fees relating to specialist consultations and treatment are separate from the hospital charges. Your consultant will require you to settle these directly.

Your 'extras' bill is for personal items not covered by your medical insurance. For example, these may include guest meals, telephone charges and newspapers.

Also, some insurers won't cover the cost of items such as crutches, splints or and knee braces, which they class as aides to mobility rather than medical treatment. We advise you to speak to your insurer before treatment so that you understand what they will cover.

We're recognised by all major UK insurers, but it's important to contact your insurance company before you come into hospital to ensure you are covered for treatment at our facilities and ensure you understand any specific policy terms.

Insurers generally require a GP referral before they authorise an initial consultation. If treatment or further tests are recommended, your insurer will need to be kept informed. Full insurance details must be given to the hospital at or before your appointment.

While we can invoice your insurance company directly, it's your responsibility to make sure that claims are processed promptly. Should your insurer decline or delay payment, you will be invoiced directly.

Many patients choose to fund their own healthcare. Our network of private hospitals can often offer same day or next day appointments at a competitive price.

We have the expertise to provide a wide range of investigations, treatments and surgical procedures for both common and complex health problems.

Our self pay team will work with the hospital to give you clarity on costs so you can still access treatment without delay.

If you're having difficulty making a payment, have a question or you've received a letter about payment and would like to discuss this with us, please call 020 7034 4640 or email us at

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