Dimitris' story - living with kidney stones

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Financial services professional, Dimitris, had suffered from recurrent kidney stones for a number of years. This not only caused a lot of pain, but it meant having to undergo surgeries every five to ten years to remove the stones and relieve the symptoms.

So, in December 2023, when Dimitris found that the kidney stones had again returned, he realised it was time to find the right team to do the procedure.

Performed by Mr Ken Anson, Consultant Urologist at The Princess Grace Hospital part of HCA Healthcare UK, this latest procedure offered Dimitris a much faster, simpler recovery and more satisfactory healthcare experience than he could have hoped for.

“I knew of Mr Anson’s ‘gold-standard’ reputation,” says Dimitris, who says his friends had spoken about the surgeon’s wealth of experience in treating kidney stones and his minimally invasive approach. So, after a quick online search to learn more about him and find his HCA UK practice, Dimitris booked an initial consultation.

From his research, Dimitris knew that Mr Anson used the latest developments and cutting-edge technology. “I’m an avid footballer and gym goer,” he explains, “so I was keen to stay active – I needed confirmation that my life would go back to normal and to learn what my recovery path would look like with the latest techniques.


Getting a diagnosis

When Dimitris first met Mr Anson he had been suffering from severe pain in his left side since November. He already had a diagnosis of kidney stones, following an emergency hospital visit, but needed to understand more about the surgery and recovery path that would follow.

After his initial consultation Mr Anson suggested that keyhole surgery (percutaneous nephrolithotomy) – an established minimally-invasive procedure for the removal of large kidney stones – would be the best approach. This would provide the surgical team with a chance to fragment the stone, which was too sizable to pass naturally through the urinary tract. Mr Anson explained that it would also mean a reduced stay in hospital for Dimitris, and a faster recovery than with the open surgery he had previously experienced.

“From the moment I met Mr Anson, I knew he was a phenomenal doctor,” he says. “He took the time to explain each step of the surgery and then continued to closely monitor and check-in with me during my recovery.”


Post-surgery and looking ahead

Dimitris went ahead and had the procedure and says he was delighted with the results. He was discharged after two days, and made a full recovery in just two weeks, meaning he was able to return to work and resume his active lifestyle much earlier than he would have done otherwise.

Looking back at his journey, Dimitris says what he has been most impressed with is the attentiveness and high levels of care he received at every point. He describes how his team consistently worked together to ensure he, the patient, was always at the centre of whatever they’re doing.

“I can’t thank Mr Anson and his team enough,” says Dimitris. “The healthcare I received was outstanding. And I’m really grateful for all their skill, precision and genuine interest in me. I was blown away by the care and support that he and his team offered and, how much they cared about getting me back to my normal life post-surgery.

“When I first met Mr Anson, I was in extreme pain – even going about my usual routine was a struggle. But throughout my journey, I always knew I was in safe hands with Mr Anson and felt happy that I’d made the right choice. I really saw how knowledgeable and experienced Mr Anson and his team were – and the benefits of the less invasive technique. I was home within two days and my pain level had gone altogether. I was able to travel to Tokyo a few weeks later, pain-free, and I really enjoyed my trip.”

Dimitris was operated on by Ken Anson, a Consultant Urological Surgeon based at The Princess Grace Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK. Mr Anson has been providing world class care to urology patients in the United Kingdom and beyond for over 20 years. He has introduced many new surgical techniques to help patients who suffer from urological issues such as urinary stone disease, ureteric obstruction and sepsis in his urology practice.


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