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    Hip joint for consultation

    Highly specialised orthopaedic care

    This outpatient centre managed by The Princess Grace Hospital is committed to investing in the very latest medical technology with our expert team of orthopaedic specialists dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of all patients visiting us.Our centre provides a variety of specialist orthopaedic services, across the full range of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, common joint, spinal and bone conditions.

    We are proud to work with consultants who are internationally respected in the field of orthopaedics, many of whom hold senior posts in some of the UK's top teaching hospitals.

    Accessible appointments

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    A pioneering surgery

    Patients visiting us who require surgical intervention for hip and knees may have the option of robotic orthopaedic surgery with our MAKO robotic arm system. 

    A pioneering treatment, the MAKO surgery results in patients feeling less pain and achieving quicker recovery times with better motion and function.

    The London Hip Unit, July 2021

    Multidisciplinary expertise

    Our acclaimed MSK spinal surgeons are supported by a highly experienced, multidisciplinary team that features physiotherapists, pain management specialists, anaesthetists and dietitians.

    Our team work closely together to provide comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services, from major scoliosis surgery to rehab services which can include hydrotherapy or specialist care from our dedicated Lymphoedema Clinic.

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    Diagnostics and imaging services

    We pride ourselves on being able to offer a comprehensive imaging and diagnostic service which includes same-day appointments (where appropriate), access to on-site radiologists with the majority of results available within hours (if not immediate), reducing the need for the patients to undergo multiple trips to diagnose their condition, allowing for quicker follow up consultations and a faster treatment and management plan for the patient.

    At the Outpatient and Diagnostic Centre our services include MRI’s, CTs, ultrasound and X-ray as standard.

    We also offer ultrasound guided injections as part of a treatment plan, onsite pain management services and lymphedema therapy clinics.

    Our specialist orthopaedic services

    Spinal and peripheral nerve


    Our spine is made up of 33 individual bones that protect our spinal cord. Back pain most commonly occurs as a result of mechanical or structural problems in or around the spine. This can be anything from a common ligament sprain brought on by heavy lifting, to complex spinal injuries.  At HCA UK, we treat the full range of trauma-based, congenital and degenerative spinal conditions in both adults and children.

    Shoulder imagery

    Shoulder and elbow

    Pain in the shoulder can be difficult to diagnose. Our specialists can offer you treatment for a range of conditions from tennis elbow, rotator cuff repair to shoulder replacement.

    Hand and wrist review

    Hand and wrist

    If you're living with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, or a fracture in your hand or wrist, we can help. Our specialist team will give you expert, end-to-end care for these conditions and many more.

    Hip joint for consultation

    Hip and pelvis

    We offer hip treatments for people of all ages including hip impingement, hip replacements and revisions, using minimally invasive techniques to provide a faster recovery.

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    You'll have access to non-surgical and surgical treatments including minimally invasive procedures for meniscal repair, ACL reconstruction and total knee replacement surgery.

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    Foot and ankle

    Whether you're suffering from ankle instability, Achilles tendon problems, bunions or need joint replacement surgery, our foot and ankle specialists can help with expert diagnosis and a fast track to treatment.

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    Sport and exercise medicine

    Our sports and exercise medicine consultants or musculoskeletal experts treat everyone from high performance athletes to people with an injury, from recreational sport or exercise activity.

    Outpatient Physiotherapy Services

    We offer a comprehensive outpatient Physiotherapy service, including Pre-operative assessment and post-operative management for all orthopaedic conditions. Our teams meet regularly with consultants and are part of the wider multidisciplinary teams to ensure that patients receive the best and most appropriate care throughout their healthcare journey.

    The London Hip Unit, July 2021

    Q&A with Jonathan Hutt

    Mr Jonathan Hutt, consultant orthopaedic hip surgeon at The London Hip Unit, part of The Princess Grace Hospital, talks about the changes in hip replacement surgery in the last few years.

    He discusses whether he thinks COVID-19 and the numerous lockdowns have impacted people’s hips and why it’s important that hip replacements are personalised to each individual patient.

    Our specialist centres

    The London Hip Unit, July 2021

    The London Hip Unit

    A specialist hip unit with a worldwide reputation for clinical excellence as one of the UK's only dedicated private facilities for the treatment and care of adults with hip problems.
    HCAUK_Stanmore Foot and Ankle Specialists_CMYK_1121.jpg

    Stanmore Foot and Ankle Specialists

    Specialists in all adult complex and everyday foot and ankle conditions
    ISEH Social Assets

    Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH)

    Cutting-edge research and clinical practice for elite and amateur sportspeople
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    How we work with doctors

    Meet our team

    Our medical centre is supported by the expertise of leading consultants and multidisciplinary teams. Our teams are able to identify and diagnose complex conditions quickly and with accuracy.

    How to book an appointment

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    Our team can help if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment. Our reception team are also on-hand if you'd like to make an appointment whilst your at the centre.