Imaging and diagnostics

We invest in the most advanced technology to provide you with a wide range tests and scans right here in Birmingham.

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State-of-the-art imaging and rapid results

Our expert team of specialist consultant radiologists and radiographers work with your consultant to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis. We invest in the most advanced technology and provide all major tests and scans.

The Harborne Hospital (book a scan)

Diagnostic imaging:

MRI scans

Our consultant radiologists use some of the most technologically advanced MRI scanners to provide accurate examinations of the inside of your body.

CT scans

CT scans can be completed as part of diagnosis and monitoring, or can be a part of a procedure during an operation.

X-ray (including digital fluoroscopy)

A type of X-ray used to create moving images of internal parts of your body


An ultrasound scan is a common scan that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of organs, tissue or blood flow inside the body. 

Breast screening mammogram (2D and 3D)

Using the latest high-resolution digital technology to detect breast cancer early using low-dose X-rays.

Blood tests

Cardiac diagnostic tests:

Cardiac MRI scan

A cardiac MRI creates detailed pictures of your heart and major blood vessels to help diagnose and treat heart problems

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

An ECG is a simple and non-invasive test to assess heart rate and rhythm and diagnose or monitor heart conditions


Also known as an 'echo', this specialised cardiac scan is used to examine the structure and function of the heart. An echocardiogram is available at our facilities in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Stress test

A stress test or exercise tolerance test gives information about how your heart functions under the strain of exercise.


This is a diagnostic procedure to look inside your heart's arteries to see if there are any narrowings or blockages

Endoscopy diagnostic tests:

Video capsule endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy is a procedure where you swallow a pill-sized video capsule which slowly passes through your body


HCA UK provide specialist Gynaecology services in London, Birmingham and Manchester.


This procedure can help find out if there's a problem with the upper part of your digestive system


A cystoscopy is a procedure used to see inside your bladder to diagnose any problems in your urethra or bladder


A colposcopy is a procedure to examine the cervix with a microscope and identify any abnormal cells


An effective way of diagnosing bowel conditions or removing polyps


A bronchoscopy is a test to look at your windpipe, airways and take samples for diagnostic and treatment purposes


Lower limb arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to evaluate and treat common problems affecting the joints


Liver biopsy

A common diagnostic procedure to review and analyse the liver.

Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy

Lung biopsy

If you experience lung problems, our expert radiologists can carry out a lung biopsy to help diagnose your condition

Muscle and nerve biopsy

If you experience muscle or nerve problems, our neurophysiology experts can carry out a biopsy to diagnose your condition

Your treatment pathway

Once you’ve had an initial appointment with one of our consultants, you’ll be referred for any tests and scans you might need.

Some tests such as ultrasound will be performed by your consultant, while others will be done by a relevant specialist consultant radiologist or a senior radiographer who is a specialist in their field.

All of your tests and scans will be reviewed and reported on by expert radiologists and your results will be sent to your consultant within a matter of days.

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Our team can help with any enquiries or you can make an appointment with one of our experienced consultants.

Appointments and imaging appointments

Monday to Sunday: 24h

The Harborne Hospital (book a scan)

The Harborne Hospital (book a test)