How to find a healthcare provider

Dr Niaz Khan, primary care clinical lead at HCA Healthcare UK.

Whenever we hurt ourselves or start to feel unwell, two obvious questions might come to mind - “What is the matter with me?” and “How can I feel better”?

We all accept that from time to time we will experience short-term illnesses, and so we’ll often soldier through in the belief that any pain or sick bug will soon pass. This is a good approach in many cases, as our bodies are resilient and great natural healers – however on occasion it can quickly become apparent that we may require medical help.

What is the patient journey?

It’s at these points that we might begin to ask ourselves a new set of questions, ones we may not necessarily feel as well equipped to answer, such as:

  • who do I contact first?
  • what type of doctor do I need?
  • who’s the best person to help make me feel better?

It used to be the family doctor would be a first port of call for all health concerns – responding quickly to calls from patients and being a trusted adviser in terms of prescribing medication or referring you onto another specialist.

However, as our lifestyles have adapted and become busier, so has the way in which we access healthcare. For some, there’s the choice of taking either the NHS or private healthcare route. Then there are telemedicine providers, online chatbots, urgent care centres, A&E, NHS and private GP services - and of course "Dr Google".

These advancements in healthcare navigation and medical technology have developed incredibly rapidly over the past decade, giving patients more options to choose from in terms of access and treatment. This has also been very helpful in allowing medical professionals to cater to the changing needs and expectations of patients, particularly in heavily populated areas.

What is local private care service?

In this sense, integrated medical centres provide a great solution for patients wishing to access diagnostics and treatment quickly and locally. These medical centres often offer both GP and consultant-led care, with diagnostic imaging and minor treatment rooms also available on-site.

Locally based outpatient and diagnostic centres means we can provide primary and secondary care all under one roof, and near to where patients live or work. Our private GPs can see people in person, or via video consultation if the patient chooses. When needed, we can very quickly refer patients onto leading consultants with expertise across a range of medical specialties, and who are all based in the same building at Chiswick Medical Centre, part of HCA Healthcare UK’s wider network of renowned hospitals and medical facilities.

Once a referral from the GP has been made, the consultants have access to high quality diagnostic equipment at their fingertips. This means that patients can receive a rapid diagnosis, with treatment beginning as soon as possible if required. Above all else, this access ensures a seamless journey throughout and a patient experience that is as smooth and easy as possible – which after all, is all we want for ourselves and our loved ones when not feeling our best.

Chiswick Medical Centre, part of HCA Healthcare UK, is open with same and next day appointments available. For more information call 020 3131 4734. Alternatively, please feel free to visit the centre in person to speak with a member of the Chiswick Medical Centre team.