If you're visiting a HCA UK hospital for a consultation, treatment, scan or test lasting less than four hours, you'll be doing so as an outpatient. We have a number of outpatient centres throughout London, which are easily accessible by road and public transport. Prior to your outpatient appointment, we'll send you a letter telling you how to prepare and which outpatient centre to go to.  

What to do when you arrive

Your appointment letter will give you the exact location, date or time of your scan, test, consultation or treatment.

When you arrive at the centre of the facility you've been asked to attend, we'll ask you to confirm your personal details, as well as your next-of-kin details.

If you are insured, we'll also ask you to provide us with your authorisation from your insurance company. If you are paying for yourself, we'll most likely ask you to settle your account before you leave.  

Outpatient centres

We have a number of outpatient centres across London. Follow the link below to find out more information about the centre you've been asked to attend.

Contact us

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