Rapid access - same day diagnosis

At our outpatients and diagnostics centre we’re able to offer patients same-day walk-in appointments and fast, specialist imaging reporting.

We invest in the latest equipment so that our consultants can identify and diagnose conditions quickly and with accuracy, and our patients can begin treatment as soon as possible.

Imaging opening hours

Monday-Friday 8.00am-8.00pm

Saturday 8.00am-1.00pm

Email: elstreeimaging@hcahealthcare.co.uk

To book a scan call: 020 3907 4461

Our imaging service

Onsite scanning services include:

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    3T MRI

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    Standing CT scanner

Standing CT Scanner available in our centre

We invest in the very latest diagnostic technology such as the standing CT scanner, with patient benefits that include:

  • Weight bearing scans to allow accurate assessment of the knees, ankles and feet in a functional position
  • It can scan both limbs in less than a minute, allowing comparison with the normal side
  • It uses a much lower radiation dose than conventional CT scans

To book a scan call 020 3907 4461

Cardiac testing

Detailed cardiac investigations, including echocardiograms and electrocardiograms, both at a resting test and as a stress exercise, can be undertaken at the centre. The following cardiac tests are available:
  • 24-hour, 48-hour and seven-day ECG monitoring
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
  • ECG
  • Echocardiography/stress echocardiography
  • Exercise stress test
  • Pacemaker tests/ICD follow-up

To book an appointment call 020 3907 4500

Pathology testing

An essential part of our diagnostics centre is our blood test department. Our team processes and reports on the full range of blood diagnostics, including complete haematological testing, coagulation tests, biochemistry screening, liver function, thyroid function and many other specialist blood tests.

We offer an adult walk-in phlebotomy service:

Monday-Friday 8.00am-8.00pm

Saturday 8.00am-1.00pm

We also offer a bookable paediatric phlebotomy service for 2-18 year-olds. Paediatric bloods are not bookable via our enquiry helpline and you will need to call the centre directly on 020 3907 4477 or 020 3907 4478

Book an appointment at HCA UK Elstree Waterfront

You can call or email us to book an appointment.

020 3907 4500
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