A dedicated rehabilitation service for spinal cord injury

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Why choose us?

We treat complex spinal dysfunction, whether from traumatic injury, malignant and non-malignant tumours, or degenerative spinal disease. At The Wellington Hospital's Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, we offer a highly specialised rehabilitation service, directed by a leading spinal cord injury consultant and a team of experienced therapists and nurses. Spinal cord injury can have a severe impact on someone's life, affecting their role and sense of identity. This also impacts their partner, friends and family. Spinal cord injury rehabilitation requires a coordinated holistic approach to care to meet the complex needs of patients. Patient and family support is also integral to our service, and patients receive psychosocial support to help them readjust to life with a spinal cord injury.


Our multidisciplinary team takes a holistic, coordinated approach to optimise patient recovery. The team works across our intensive care, acute rehabilitation and outpatient departments, focusing on the range of physical and psychosocial issues patients with spinal cord injury face during recovery.

  • Neurology

    Need to know

    Neurology is a specialist branch of medicine which focuses on the nervous system. This includes the diagnosis, management and non-surgical treatment of conditions that affect your brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Neurological disorders can limit your body’s ability to function correctly,...

  • Neuropsychology

    Need to know

    Neuropsychology is a branch of clinical psychology that aims to identify and understand the changes in thinking and behaviour that can result from neurological conditions. Our experienced neuropsychologists provide personalised care to help you and your family or carers to gain awareness of these changes,...

  • Physiotherapy

    Need to know

    A science-based method of therapeutic techniques to help recovery of muscles and joints and rehabilitate them after illness, surgery and injuries. Physiotherapy helps you rebuild strength, restore your mobility, flexibility and function, it can support you back to full fitness or a more active life....

  • Psychological services

    Need to know

    Psychological services deal with the workings of the human mind. They can be applied in different ways and for different reasons but their overall purpose is to improve mental, and in turn, physical wellbeing. They can alleviate many forms of distress, treat specific disorders such as phobias and OCD,...

  • Speech and language therapy

    Need to know

    Through our speech and language therapy services we provide treatment, support and care for adults and children who have difficulties with communication, or eating, drinking and swallowing. The muscles we use to chew are very similar those we use to talk. So our therapists can assess and treat eating,...

  • Occupational therapy

    Need to know

    Occupational therapy focuses on making everyday tasks achievable for people with an illness, injury or disability that's limiting them from participating fully in life. Our experienced team of therapists help adults and children with long-term conditions, including developmental disorders, physical disabilities,...

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