The guiding principle of our partnership with The Christie is to provide the very best treatment and care for our patients.

Which is why we are pleased to announce that we’ve opened two new, state-of-the-art operating theatres. By increasing our theatre capacity we offer an improved treatment journey for our existing patients as well as the ability to provide additional access to new patients locally in the Manchester areas including Cheshire, Stockport and Wilmslow, as well as nationally.

Expert Cancer Care

Our expert cancer care is led by a team of specialist consultants, experienced nurses and other healthcare professionals who have dedicated their clinical expertise to caring for patients with cancer. 

Working in partnership with The Christie, we provide surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other systemic anti-cancer therapies including immunotherapy.

Each patients’ care is led by a specialist consultant, who works as part of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of experts in specialist and sub-specialist areas of cancer care.

We are committed to integrated holistic care

This means supporting our patients mental and emotional health, as well as treating their disease. This approach provides personalised cancer care to each of our patients, no matter their diagnosis.

Surgical expertise

At The Christie Private Care surgery is used for a number of reasons, which include making or confirming a diagnosis of cancer, removing a tumour, reducing the size of a tumour, reconstructing a part of the body or, to help relieve symptoms. 

Our specialist cancer surgery combines the expertise of our consultant surgeons with state of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure our patients have access to the most advanced surgical techniques. 

Our MDT’s meet to discuss and agree the most appropriate surgical options for individual patients, alongside other potential treatments and considering any holistic care needs as part of a tailored treatment plan. Bringing these experts together means each patient has a team of specialists to identify the best possible treatment and care.

Surgery for all types of cancer

From the simple to the most complex, we are also a specialist surgical centre for the treatment of rare cancers, such as peritoneal, penile, and anal cancers. As a specialist centre for cancer surgery we receive referrals from across the UK for patients with a complex diagnosis, including advanced or recurrent cancers. 

In addition to working closely with the wider cancer team, our surgeons often collaborate to perform multiple procedures as part of one operation. For example, reconstructive surgery can often be carried out within the same operation as procedures to remove cancers, or pairing Cytoreductive Surgery with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC).

Surgery may be the only treatment required for some patients, while for others it may form part of a wider treatment plan at The Christie Private Care. Our team of dedicated cancer specialists, including surgical Clinical Nurse Specialists, will ensure our patients are guided and cared for every step of the way.

New operating theatres

Our new theatres provide a full range of diagnostic and surgical services, including acute and complex cancer care. With access to the latest equipment our expert surgeons can continue to provide the most advanced diagnostic procedures and surgical techniques.

The theatres are fully equipped with advanced imaging technologies such as 3D/4K surgical endoscopy camera systems. These imaging systems provide our doctors with pinpoint visibility, supporting them to provide safer and more accurate surgery.

In addition to producing high quality imaging, Near Infra-Red imaging and Immunofluorescent Technology equipment uses specialised dyes which enable surgeons to view areas that may not be visible to the naked eye. This means they can provide highly accurate surgery tailored to each individual patient.

Complex cancer surgery

We have the surgical capability to provide complex procedures including Cytoreductive Surgery with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC). HIPEC is a process where heated chemotherapy is pumped directly into the abdomen after surgery, allowing the doctors to use a higher dosage as the chemotherapy goes directly to the source, instead of through the blood stream. HIPEC is a highly specialised surgical technique that can provide a potentially curative treatment option for advanced peritoneal cancers. 

Similarly, for our renal cancer patients, the ultrasound system means we can offer more nuanced incisions, enabling our surgeons to perform a partial nephrectomy under ultrasound guidance. Through the use of an intraoperative probe our surgeons can provide a more accurate operation, with better margins, which can lead to better outcomes and, most importantly, less chance of relapse. 

Beyond these examples, the new theatres are host to a wide range of equipment, allowing our surgeons to perform the latest complex and routine surgery across multiple cancer types.

A decade of partnership

The Christie Private Care, part of HCA Healthcare UK, is proud to be celebrating a decade of partnership with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, one of the Europe’s leading cancer centres. 

At The Christie Private Care, our internationally-renowned consultants have access to state-of-the-art facilities, helping to ensure we can deliver the latest and most advanced cancer treatments, from surgery, to systemic anti-cancer therapies and radiotherapy. 

Working together

HCA Healthcare UK has partnered with NHS trusts since 2006. In addition to our partnership with The Christie, we also partner with University College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and our latest partnership with University Hospitals Birmingham.

Our partnerships generate valuable resources that can be re-invested into NHS services, and over the course of our partnerships we have found innovative ways to collaborate with our partners, from shared governance and learnings, joint accreditations, as well as investment in people and technology, to ensure these partnerships benefit all patients.

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