Hand therapy

A range of specialist treatments for the hands and wrists.

Hand therapy helps you to recover after an accident or injury, and manage longer-term conditions such as carpal tunnel. It is also available if you have had surgery on your hand or wrist, or are suffering from damage to the nerves and muscles.

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What is hand therapy?

Hand therapy draws on physiotherapy and occupational therapy to support rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, or manage long-term or work-related conditions such as arthritis and work-related upper limb disorders.

Our hand therapists will assess your hand and wrist movements, and conduct a series of therapy sessions focusing on your weak areas with exercises and working to balance out these weak points with your strengths.

We also offer advice and education on ergonomics, joint protection strategies and energy conservation techniques to manage upper limb pain caused by arthritis, tendinitis or other similar conditions.

If you've had surgery, our hand therapists work closely with your hand and wrist surgeon to care for you after your operation. They will create a bespoke rehabilitation plan for you to follow in clinic and at home and monitor your progress throughout your recovery.

Need to know

Symptoms of hand and wrist disorders or injuries include:

  • Trigger finger/thumb – a painful condition in which a finger or thumb clicks or locks as it is bent towards the palm
  • De Quervain's syndrome – a painful condition that affects tendons where they run through a tunnel on the thumb side of the wrist
  • Dupuytren's disease – is a common condition that usually arises in middle age or later and is more common in men than women
  • Swellings in the wrist and hand – are very common. The vast majority are likely to be a ganglion which is a fluid filled cyst and utterly benign
  • Hand Arthritis – affects the joints at the end of the finger and base of the thumb.
Your consultant will discuss your symptoms with you, which will help them make a diagnosis.
If you are diagnosed with any conditions affecting your hand or wrist your hand and wrist consultant will be able to discuss treatments options with you.

Our hand therapists

All our hand therapists are accredited physiotherapists or occupational therapists with extended training in the management of upper limb disorders. Their wide range of skills enable them to carry out different assessments, procedures and types of therapy.

This includes:

  • exercise therapy and mobilisation techniques
  • custom thermoplastic and neoprene splinting
  • casting
  • scar management
  • oedema and wound management
  • functional retraining
  • sports rehabilitation