Our experience tells us one size doesn't fit all - you can be sure we've seen it all, from sports injuries to complex spinal conditions. We treat individuals, not cases - our services covers all ages, including children and teenagers.


We know how important your mobility is. We're here to help with treatment for acute injuries as well as chronic orthopaedic and spinal conditions. We offer consultant appointments within 24 hours and, if you need a scan, we can arrange for you to have one on the same day to save time.



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Specialist fields of orthopaedics

To get people back to doing the things they love, we ensure patients receive expert care, with consultants who are specialists in 10 different orthopaedic fields:

  • Spine
  • Shoulder and elbow
  • Hip and pelvis
  • Hand and wrist
  • Knee
  • Sports and exercise medicine
  • Foot and ankle
  • Trauma and rehabilitation
  • Peripheral nerve
  • Paediatric orthopaedics

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Orthopaedic treatment and care

Your treatment and care begin as soon as you meet with one of our consultants. They are specialists in their field, meaning you can feel reassured and confident in your treatment.

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Specialist fields of Orthopaedics

To ensure you receive expert, fully personalised treatment, our orthopaedic consultants are specialists across 10 orthopaedic fields.

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About Orthopaedics at HCA UK

This is your guide to private orthopaedic treatment at HCA UK. Here you can find out more about our service and the care you’ll receive should you decide to choose us for your treatment. 

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Support services

To ensure the highest standard of care, our consultants are supported by state-of-the-art facilities and expert teams including ITUs and orthopaedic nurses and radiologists.

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Orthopaedic imaging

We offer the full range of diagnostic imaging in over 20 locations. Scans can be arranged for the same day as your consultant appointment and all images are reported on by a musculoskeletal radiologist.

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Hospitals, clinics and centres

Orthopaedic services are available at seven hospitals across London, in Cheshire and the West Midlands. You can have your consultant appointment at more than 10 outpatient centres.

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Find the right orthopaedic care for you

Our orthopaedic specialists are experts in treating all types of injury and joint or muscle pain. Whether you have an acute sports injury, chronic back pain or are experiencing ongoing joint discomfort, our specialist consultants are focused on improving your everyday quality of life. Across our locations, we'll connect you with a consultant relevant to your condition, whether that's a soft tissue specialist or a specific joint or spinal specialist.

Orthopaedic conditions


Your spine is complex, made up of 33 individual bones that provide structure and protect your spinal cord. Our multi-disciplinary approach means all our patients, from children to adults, get the expertise of a whole team.

Hip and pelvis

As soon as a hip joint starts to cause pain, our natural reaction is to avoid using it. This can put extra strain on other parts of your body, such as the lower back or knee, causing new problems. We've given many patients a new lease of life with surgery.


Whether the result of a bad twist, a fall, or wear and tear over time, we see all types of knee injury. We can help you get back on your feet with treatments from meniscus and ligament repair to partial and total knee replacement.


Orthopaedic patient stories

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The best orthopaedic care with HCA UK

Services stretch from the north at The Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire to The Lister Hospital in Chelsea in south-west London, with The Portland Hospital dedicated to the care of children’s joints, including the spine.

We have spinal units at The Wellington Hospital, London Bridge Hospital and The Princess Grace Hospital in London, and we’ve recently extended our spinal and orthopaedic service to the West Midlands at The Harborne Hospital.

By growing specialist services across our expanding network of facilities, we're helping more patients every year. We see a variety of sports injuries and, with dedicated sport and exercise professionals as well as specialist orthopaedic consultants at our hospitals, we're able to offer a wide range of treatments, including non-surgical options.

Meanwhile, for those that do require repair or reconstruction surgery, our highly skilled consultants have access to state-of-the-art technology to perform procedures such as minimally invasive and robotically assisted surgery to ensure a rapid recovery.