Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Treatments for muscle and joint conditions. Helping you to recover from day-to-day injuries resulting from trauma, work or lifestyle.


What is musculoskeletal physiotherapy?

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a specialised area treating injuries and conditions affecting the muscles, joints, soft tissue and bones such as the backneckshoulders and knees. Physiotherapy is key to helping you get back to leading an active and healthy life following an injury, illness or disability.

You might experience muscle and joint problems after an accident, because of your work or lifestyle or, sometimes, without any apparent cause. Contributing factors can include postural strain, arthritis, sprains, broken bones (fractures) or after surgery.

Our MSK physio teams

Throughout our HCA UK network we have teams of physiotherapists specialising in different musculoskeletal areas.

With MSK physiotherapy, our physios will carry out an assessment and provide treatment sessions to help you heal and recover more quickly.

Your individual physiotherapist will set goals and develop a rehabilitation plan tailored specifically to your needs.