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If you've experienced a fracture (broken bone), our experts can help


A fracture (or broken bone) refers to a loss in the continuity of a bone. They are normally caused by a high-force impact, stress (over a period of time) or as a result of another bone-weakening condition, such as osteogenesis imperfecta, osteoporosis or bone cancer. If you've suffered a bone fracture, we can help.

Need to know

  • Symptoms of fractures icon plus

    Breaking a bone can be painful for several reasons: - A breaking in the continuity of the periosteum (surface of the bone) causes pain as there are a wealth of pain receptors in these regions. - Swelling of nearby tissue caused by bleeding of tiny blood vessels that sit in the surface of the bones. - Your muscles may spasm as they try to hold bone fragments in place. Other symptoms of fractures include tingling, numbness and a loss of sensation.
  • Screening and diagnosis icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss what led to your fracture to find out the cause. They may also carry out imaging tests, such as an X-ray, to determine the extent of the fracture. This will help them to make a diagnosis.
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss your treatment options with you. They may include conservative treatment (managing the pain and immobilising the break with a cast) or surgery.

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