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Safeguarding assurance statement

HCA Healthcare UK is committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults across the organisation.

The welfare of children, young people and adults who come into our services, either directly or indirectly, is paramount and all staff have a responsibility to ensure HCA compliance with statutory requirements and that best practice is followed.

HCA fulfils its statutory duties under the Children Act (2004), Mental Capacity Act (2005) and and Care Act (2014) to have safeguarding leadership in place. The Chief Nursing Executive fulfils the role of executive safeguarding lead and there is a Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children and a Corporate Safeguarding Lead in place. There is a defined safeguarding lead in each facility and a Lead and Deputy Lead Safeguarding GP. The corporate and facility safeguarding leads fulfil the role of the Named Professional and cover all aspects of safeguarding including responsibilities related to Prevent, Child Exploitation, FGM and mental capacity.

HCA meets its statutory requirements in relation to safe recruitment Disclosure and Barring Service checks for all employees and those consultants and professionals working at HCA premises with practicing privileges. HCA has a clear statement in place regarding its commitment to preventing human trafficking and modern slavery in line with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

HCA safeguarding policies are up to date. Policies are reviewed at least three yearly or when there are legislative or guidance changes. All policies are widely available to all staff through an electronic policy library.

There is a robust safeguarding training programme in place with clearly defined eligibility as recommended by the health intercollegiate documents. Safeguarding supervision is available to all staff.

HCA has a system in place for raising safeguarding concerns both clinically and though a reporting and learning system. An audit framework is in place and a safeguarding dashboard is used to monitor safeguarding activity.

A quarterly Safeguarding Committee is held, which provides monitoring and assurance for the Governance Quality and Safety Board via the Governance and Risk Committee. Assurance is provided through quarterly reporting and an annual report.

Modern slavery statement

Read the HCA UK modern slavery statement here

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