How to access private medical treatment in the UK

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Why Choose HCA when you're in the UK?

HCA UK treats patients with complex, rare and life-threatening conditions in an iconic collection of private hospitals in London and Manchester.

Our doctors are leading clinicians or scientists in their specialtist field, many have an established international reputations especially around serious diseases and life-limiting conditions, many of who have influenced or increased the speed of diagnosis, as well as pioneering research allowing treatment to be more effective today.

At HCA UK we encourage the use of cutting-edge technologies and techniques into clinical practice, ensuring they are accessible before any other hospital group. At HCA UK we work in partnership with three world-renowned teaching hospitals, to enable more patients than ever to before benefit from state-of-the-art treatment for complex cancers and blood disorders.

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Doctors leading with research and science

From developing the first vaccine for smallpox, to the discovery of penicillin, the UK is synonymous with scientific research and medical discovery.

In London alone, our medical district includes ten world-renowned teaching hospitals. Many of our most esteemed doctors have forged their reputations at these prestigious institutions, where they are helping to advance global understanding of complex diseases and conditions through academic research, clinical trials and medical training.

Within our exclusive collection of hospitals, these are the doctors who are shaping the future of how we diagnose and treat patients within rapidly advancing fields of medicine, such as oncology, haematology, cardiology and neurology.


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An ethos of excellence

The robustness of the UK’s regulatory system is one of the reasons that it is consistently ranked as the best healthcare system in the world. In England, the independent regulator of health and social care is the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Every hospital in the country is inspected by the CQC to ensure that patients receive high quality, safe care. The highest rating of ‘Outstanding’ is a coveted mark of exceptional care; less than one in ten hospitals in England are awarded it. At HCA Healthcare UK, almost two thirds of our hospitals are rated ’Outstanding’.

Help and support

Contact our International Patient Team using the enquiry form. This infomation will help us let you know what the next steps are for you.
You'll need to fill in the international patient centre referral form. Once we've received your medical report and referral form, it will be sent to the appropriate consultant for review. They will review your case and arrange for an appointment to be made.
You'll be sent an estimate of how much your treatment will cost and the amount of time you'll need to stay in the UK for your treatment and follow-up care.
We'll send you a letter confirming your appointment date and details. We'll also send you a cost guide. We can only provide approximate costs until your consultant has seen you, ordered tests and decided on a course of treatment, therefore it's possible that the final cost of your treatment may be more than the guide price.
Once your appointment is confirmed and we've received payment, we'll send you a 'confirmation to treat' letter. This letter will help you in your visa application process. We're here to help and guide you throughout the visa application process. Remember, we have no influence on UK immigration policies. Securing an appointment and getting a letter from us does not guarantee your visa application will be successful.
If you have health insurance: - We work with a range of health insurance companies from all over the world including BUPA, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and International SOS. Contact your insurer for information about how to access an HCA UK facility under your policy.

If your government is sponsoring your treatment: - We work with a number of embassies and high commissions in the UK. Please contact your embassy representative or medical attaché in the first instance to confirm you are eligible for cover, we can then arrange to treat you in one of our facilities. HCA UK accepts a 'letter of guarantee' from a larger number of embassies and high commissions. A letter of guarantee must be received by the HCA UK facility prior to or on the day of attendance.

If your company is sponsoring your treatment: - We work with many different companies who pay for treatment abroad for their employees and their families. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Contact our international patient team

Our team will be happy to book an appointment or answer any questions you have about coming to us for treatment.