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A tendon transfer is typically carried out to restore normal movement to the ankle and foot after a loss of function

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About a tendon transfer

A tendon transfer is a surgical procedure where a healthy tendon is taken and moved to replace the function of a diseased or inactive tendon.

A tendon transfer restores the movement or action to a previously paralysed or diseased muscle and joint.

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We have leading experts and diagnostic tests to diagnose your issues, which will involve a detailed clinical assessment supported by diagnostic tests such as ultrasound, MRI scans and nerve conduction studies.

In most cases non-operative methods using splints and physiotherapy to strengthen the working muscles are used before any surgery is considered. If surgery is considered, this is usually under general anaesthetic and your specialist may transfer a tendon and replace it with a healthy tendon used for a different function. The tendons are either stitched onto the existing tendons or re-routed through a bone tunnel.

Your consultant will let you know how best to prepare for your surgery.

You will need to stay in hospital for between one and two nights. Your foot will be elevated for the first two weeks and will be supported in a plaster cast below the knee for up to six weeks.

Rehabilitation involves a multidisciplinary team of expert nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists all overseen by your specialist consultant. Return to work in a non-manual job is usually possible by 2-4 weeks but complete recovery can take up to a year.


Mr Marco Sinisi - Peripheral Nerve Specialist

At HCA Healthcare UK, we work with leading consultants to enable access to the the latest techniques and treatment.

Mr Marco Sinisi is our lead consultant for Peripheral Nerve Injuries based at The Wellington Hospital. Mr Sinisi has a comprehensive knowledge of nerve injuries and has experience in a wide range of nerve problems from trauma through to sports injuries. He is experienced in managing complex nerve conditions as well as performing complex nerve operations. 

Tendon transfer surgery Consultants

Mr Marco Sinisi

Mr Marco Sinisi


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The Shard Outpatients

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The Wellington Hospital

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