Patient safety

Details on the changes HCA Healthcare UK has made in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic


Infection prevention and you

HCA Healthcare UK maintains the very highest standards of infection prevention and control measures, as advised by a team of specialists including nursing and medical staff.

We believe our patients have a key role to play in infection prevention. That is why we ask that you do not visit our facilities if you have symptoms of an infection that might spread to other people, such as respiratory symptoms or a winter vomiting bug (norovirus).

What to do if you have new respiratory symptoms

It is not possible to tell if you have COVID-19, flu or another respiratory infection based on symptoms alone. Most people with COVID-19 and other respiratory infections will have a relatively mild illness, especially if they have been vaccinated.

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or diarrhoea/vomiting, you are advised to:

  • Try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people
  • Rest and drink plenty of water
  • Take medicine such as paracetamol to help with your symptoms

Remember to clean your hands often to reduce the risk of passing the infection on.

If you are unable to attend your appointment because you have symptoms of an infection or a positive COVID-19 result, please contact your clinical care team to rearrange your appointment.

Face masks

Universal mask wearing is no longer a requirement across our facilities, however face masks are available if required. Please refer to signage and staff in our facilities for the most up-to-date guidance.


Please check with the hospital for up to date visiting guidance. 

safety-icon-stairsAdmissions for treatment

Prior to your surgery or procedure, you will be assessed for your fitness to proceed. Your clinical team will provide you with guidance if any screening tests are required. Please do advise your clinical team if any aspect of your health changes prior to your planned procedure, including COVID-19 infection.

safety-icon-isoloatePreventing infection

We encourage all of our patients and visitors to be mindful of the need to minimise the risk of exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19 prior to coming to the hospital. Measures to reduce risk include regular hand hygiene, wearing a face mask if amongst unwell people and avoiding large gatherings.