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7 years of experience
7 years of experience


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Clair Astin is a CBT Therapist with a specialisation in Rapid Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). She has gained valuable experience working with mental health charities, including Anxiety UK and Headstrong Counselling. 

Clair completed her qualification in CBT/REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) in May 2020. Prior to her work in CBT/REBT, she graduated in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from the University of Westminster in 2009. Throughout her career, she has focused extensively on helping clients manage stress and anxiety. 

During her acupuncture practice, Clair observed that combining acupuncture with CBT was having a positive effect on many of her clients. This experience inspired her to further her studies in Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT/REBT is a therapeutic approach that emphasises addressing issues in the present moment. It employs solution-focused, assertive techniques and incorporates mindfulness practices.

In her final year of study, Clair completed placements with Headstrong and Anxiety UK, both of which are charitable organisations dedicated to mental health support. Currently, she works part-time for Roodlane Medical, a part of the HCA Group, where she is part of a team of in-house therapists providing support at Google. Additionally, she practises in a private clinic in West London one evening a week.

Clair Astin's expertise in CBT/REBT allows her to assist clients in addressing their mental health challenges, using solution-focused and assertive techniques to promote well-being and personal growth.

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