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Welcome to HCA UK at the Docklands

Developed and supported by London Bridge Hospital and Blossoms Healthcare, our private GP and diagnostic outpatient centre in Canary Wharf offers outstanding care in a convenient location. If you need diagnostic imaging you don't have to travel to a hospital or into the City.

Our dedicated medical team offers a full range of diagnostic scans, health screening and clinical services right here on your doorstep in Canary Wharf. We understand that it can be difficult for busy professionals to invest time in their healthcare. That's why we offer same or next-day appointments, so you can be seen by a private GP or consultant at a time that suits you.

Medical  expertise in the docklands

At our outpatient and diagnostic centre in Canary Wharf, you'll benefit from the very best in private healthcare.

Our advanced diagnostic imaging services include MRI and X-ray scanning. We also offer private GP services and consultations with leading consultants.

  • Clinical radiology

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  • Neurology

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    Neurology is a specialist branch of medicine which focuses on the nervous system. This includes the diagnosis, management and non-surgical treatment of conditions that affect your brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Neurological disorders can limit your body’s ability to function correctly,...

  • Neurosurgery

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    Neurosurgery describes the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the nervous system. This may involve the skull, brain or spine and can range from minimally invasive procedures for back pain to major intracranial surgery for tumours. Our multidisciplinary team approach includes neurosurgeons,...

  • Orthopaedic care

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    Orthopaedic Care covers all areas of the musculoskeletal system and is split into the main areas of the body covering, Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Elbow, the Spine, the Hand and Wrist, the Foot and Ankle and the Peripheral Nerve. At HCA UK, we have orthopaedic consultants who specialise in all areas, and...

  • Sports and exercise medicine

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    Sports and exercise medicine (SEM) is a rapidly expanding specialty. We invest in the latest technology and draw on new research to offer the most up-to-date diagnostics, treatments and rehabilitation plans in this area. Our partnership with the Institute of Sports, Exercise and Health (ISEH) means...

HCA UK at Docklands

Date : 7 March 2019

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How we work with doctors

We're proud to work with leading consultants who choose to practice in our facilities and provide us with advice about clinical quality.
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