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Accredited specialist care for the treatment of gynaecological conditions and endometriosis

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Gynaecology at London Bridge Hospital

The Gynaecology service at London Bridge Hospital delivers first-class diagnostics and treatment for women over the age of 18. From screening for gynaecological cancers through to surgical procedures such as hysterectomy and laparoscopy, our team of consultant gynaecologists use the latest diagnostics and treatment to provide exceptional care for women’s health.

Patients are cared for in our CQC rated ‘Outstanding’ facilities – supported by state-of-the-art imaging and robotics when it comes to surgery.


Gynaecology clinic at The Shard

Our gynaecology service based at The Shard is equipped to provide the full range of diagnostic services, including hysteroscopy and colposcopy as well as screening services for ovarian and cervical cancers. Where medically possible, our team will arrange the relevant diagnostic tests to take place in the same visit – although cytology and more complex blood testing can take longer.

As well as dealing with general gynaecological problems, the clinic provides patients with diagnosis, treatment and management of abnormal smears, pelvic pain, abnormal menstruation, infection, incontinence, menopausal health, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. 


Gynaecological surgery at London Bridge Hospital

Should further treatment be required, the hospital has a fully-equipped Day Surgery Theatre, where a range of minimal-access procedures - both hysteroscopic and laparoscopic - can be carried out. Our Private Care at Guy’s Cancer Centre, within a few minutes’ walk from The Shard, is where all surgery and major treatment takes place. Surgical procedures available include:

Some of the conditions we treat

Gynaecological cancers

Including cervical, ovarian, womb, vulva and vaginal cancers. We provide screening programmes to detect abnormalities as early as possible and support patients through personalised treatment and care programmes.

Endometriosis through our BSGE accredited centre

We have an exceptional multidisciplinary team highly experienced in the management of endometriosis and its potential complications demonstrated by the Endometriosis Centre below.


Our team at London Bridge Hospital provide consultation and treatment options to help ease the symptoms of menopause. Options can include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), bioidentical hormones, talking therapies and non-hormonal medicines.


Through the latest in imaging technology we’re able to detect and confirm a diagnosis of fibroids understanding their location, size and number - giving patients access to accurate information and comprehensive treatment options.

Our gynaecology consultants

We’re proud to host some of the leading gynaecological surgeons in the country. Not only do they have extensive generalist knowledge in such a broad speciality but are also subspecialised in the many intricate fields of gynaecology allowing patients access to the absolute expert in their particular condition.

An outstanding centre for endometriosis

London Bridge Hospital’s Endometriosis Centre is accredited by the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE). We are one of only two private hospitals that have the accreditation and one of only 15 accredited centres in Greater  London.

Endometriosis is a common, long-term condition affecting up to one in 10 women in the UK. The condition means that the tissue forming the lining of the uterus starts to grow in other areas such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes, causing pelvic pain, particularly during menstruation.  

Our dedicated, consultant-led endometriosis service is run from a specialist outpatient clinic and supported by an endometriosis clinical nurse specialist (CNS) with extensive knowledge of this field of medicine. 

We provide all necessary diagnostic tests and treatments to ensure optimal care for endometriosis, including:

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    Ultrasound and MRI scans

    to ascertain the location of any unusual tissue growth, such as cysts, associated with endometriosis. This is performed in our imaging department.

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    Laparoscopic surgery 

    is a minimally invasive procedure allowing the surgeon to view inside the abdomen and vaporise small deposits of unwanted tissue with a laser or similar instrument.

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    Hormonal suppression therapy

    using a pill to disrupt the menstrual cycle. We may advise a hormonal contraceptive pill, such as a standard pill or a progesterone-only pill.

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    Treatment for deep infiltrating endometriosis

    involving more complex surgery to remove deeper deposits of endometriosis which aren’t suitable for laparoscopic surgery. This can occur if the bowel or bladder has or is likely to be affected.

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