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At HCA UK we have a comprehensive cancer service, offering the latest and most innovative treatments across different types of cancer. We offer interventional radiology, surgery, chemotherapy and other anti-cancer therapies, immunotherapy, haemato-oncology, stem cell transplant, radiotherapy and supportive care. We have specialist cancer facilities for adults, children and young people.

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Surgery for cancer

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Chemotherapy and systemic anti-cancer therapies

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Interventional radiology

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Bone marrow and stem cell transplant

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Getting a second opinion

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, whether or not you have started treatment, a second opinion can give you reassurance and peace of mind.  

Our second opinion service is led by expert consultants.  They will provide a comprehensive review of your current and past medical history, to identify the best treatment options for you. This review may identify new treatment options or simply confirm you are already receiving the best treatment.  Either way it can help you make an informed decision about what is best for you.

We offer a second opinion service in London and Manchester, covering a wide range of specialities.

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Any questions about our cancer services or treatment? We're happy to advise you or help you book an appointment in London, Birmingham or Manchester with a cancer specialist consultant.

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