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Cancer second opinion

You can ask for a second opinion at any stage of your cancer diagnosis and treatment. Whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer, have a recommended treatment plan or have already started treatment, a second opinion can help you feel confident that you are getting the very best treatment options available to you.

You may be advised of new choices, access to new and emerging therapies or clinical trials, or confirmation that you have been recommended the best treatment available – either way it will help you make an informed decision about your treatment choices.

At HCA Healthcare UK we have a whole team of expert consultants who specialise in specific cancers. This means your diagnosis and treatment plan will be reviewed by an expert in your type of cancer. They will review your tests and any treatment you may have had to date then they will give their opinion on any further tests and the best treatment options available to you.

You can find a consultant specialist using our consultant finder, simply search by your type of cancer and select a specialist. You can view their profile to find out more including contact details so that you can make an enquiry.

Why should I ask for a second opinion?

You can ask for a second opinion if you want the reassurance of a second expert reviewing your diagnosis and treatment plan. This may identify new treatment options, give you peace of mind regarding your current treatment decisions or allow you to take control by choosing your named consultant. A second opinion may be valuable to you if:

  • You have doubts about your diagnosis or do not fully understand your diagnosis
  • You have doubts or questions about your treatment plan
  • You are not comfortable talking to your current specialist about your concerns
  • You have been offered more than one treatment option and need help to decide which is best for you
  • You want to feel reassured of your treatment recommendations
  • You would like to choose a different consultant to lead your treatment and care
  • You have a rare or complex cancer diagnosis
  • You would like to know more about clinical trial

At HCA Healthcare UK we want you to feel informed and involved in any decisions about your treatment and care. Second opinions are a common and a routine part of cancer care, so don’t worry about offending your consultant, they may even be able to recommended another specialist for you to contact.

How much does a second opinion cost?

You can access care with us as an independent healthcare provider in these three ways:

Private medical insurance

If you have private medical insurance, your insurer will often cover your consultation and treatment costs. Check your policy to understand your level of cover, and speak to your insurer to get an authorisation code before booking an appointment. Private medical insurance can sometimes have 'exclusions' — these can be due to your type of policy or related to a previous medical condition. It's always best to check for any limits on your policy or any potential exclusions before starting treatment.


If you're considering self-funding your care, it's important to know what costs are involved. Costs will be based on your personalised treatment plan and will vary, but cancer care is complex, specialist treatments are expensive and any changes to your treatment plan are likely to incur additional costs. If you feel that self-funding is suitable for you, get in touch with our team for a tailored quote.


If a health office, embassy, employer or any other approved third party has agreed to cover your treatment costs, you'll need a letter of guarantee and treatment deposit from them. In some cases the treatment costs may need to be settled in advance.

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Why choose HCA Healthcare UK for a cancer second opinion?

The HCA Healthcare UK Cancer Hub is on hand to guide and support you through the process with the help of our dedicated liaison team and our specialist cancer nurses.

  • Over 300 cancer experts - so you can be assured we’ll help to connect you with an expert in your specific type of cancer.
  • One-to-one appointment with a carefully selected consultant - they will explain their opinion and answer any questions you or your family might have. This will be followed up with a comprehensive medical report.
  • A complete healthcare system - We are more than just a private hospital, we have multiple hospitals, treatment centres and outpatient locations. This gives you fast and convenient access to care and expertise when you need them most.
  • Provide a range of drugs and therapies that are not widely available - this includes personalised medicine, new and emerging therapies, advanced surgical techniques and clinical trials through our dedicated research institute.
  • We’re committed to providing the highest quality of treatment and care - this is reflected in our CQC ratings, with all our hospitals and cancer treatment centres rated as Good or Outstanding.
How to book an appointment

How can I access cancer care at HCA Healthcare UK?

You can access cancer care at HCA Healthcare UK at any point in your diagnosis and treatment, there are different ways to access our care depending on what service you need.

  • If you are concerned about symptoms and want to make an appointment.
  • If you have already been diagnosed with cancer and need to see one of our specialists you can:

    a) Use our consultant finder to find a Consultant. Simply search by your type of cancer and choose a specialist. You can view their profile to find out more including contact details so that you can make an enquiry.
    b) If you would like an appointment with a cancer specialist at The Christie Private Care in Manchester you can email the enquiry team directly on

  • If you are already having inpatient treatment at another healthcare facility but you would like to transfer your care to HCA Healthcare UK you can contact our medical concierge team who can assist you with a transfer enquiries , or for time critical admissions you can call us on +44 (0)20 7616 4999.

Appointments & Enquiries

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Second opinion locations

Our oncologists and surgeons who provide second opinions, in regard to a cancer diagnosis, hold consultations at locations around the HCA UK network. The main locations are as follows, however other clinic locations may be available and these will be offered, where available, during the booking.