Private Herniated Disc Surgery in the UK


A minimally invasive spinal procedure to help relieve back or leg pain caused by a slipped (prolapsed) disc

What is a herniated disc?

Your spine is made up of a column of bones (vertebrae), separated by spongy discs that act as shock absorbers. These discs can wear out with age or get damaged if you lift heavy things.

A slipped disc is a common and painful condition that can be repaired with an endoscopic (keyhole) procedure.

Lower back pain

The Spine is made up of 24 bones called vertebrae and between each is a disc which acts a shock absorber in the spinal column.

Sometimes these discs can wear out and press on the spinal cord or nerves causing lower back pain

Need to know

  • What happens during spinal surgery? icon plus

    We were the first private hospital group in the UK to offer endoscopic spinal surgery. If your consultant recommends this approach for you, the procedure can be done through an incision in your back no bigger than a needle puncture.

    Endoscopic disc surgery is usually done using local anaesthetic and sedation. Your surgeon will use a specialised operating microscope (endoscope) and tiny surgical instruments to repair or remove damaged disc tissue. This delicate procedure takes about an hour and requires no stitches.

    Depending on your condition, a larger incision or general anaesthetic may be required. Your consultant will let you know what to expect.

  • How to prepare icon plus

    Your consultant will explain the procedure to you and answer any question you may have. If your surgery will be done using general anaesthetic, they'll let you know how long to avoid eating and drinking beforehand. They'll also let you know if there is anything else you'll need to do to prepare. Like all procedures, there may be some risks and side effects involved. Your consultant will explain these to you.
  • Recovery & healing from herniated disc surgery icon plus

    Depending on the procedure you've had, you may be able to return home the same day. However, some spinal procedures require a hospital stay of up to three nights.

    Your consultant will let you know what to expect. They'll also explain how to care for your back while it heals. It can take a few weeks to fully recover. It's important not to lift anything heavy or twist your body while your spine heals.

    Your consultant will let you know when you can get back to you usual routine, including work or exercise. They may also recommend a course of physiotherapy to help improve your mobility.

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