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From prevention to foot reconstruction, Diabetic Foot Clinic provides a multidisciplinary expertise to restore mobility and promote limb preservation.

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From amputation to functional reconstruction and limb preservation

Every patient with diabetic foot disease is unique in their symptoms and their needs. Our clinic offers each patient an individualised plan, which is especially important for patients with comorbidities who require a highly specialised level of capability and care.

At the Diabetic Foot Clinic, reconstruction is the last step in a long ladder of options for patients with a diabetic foot. We offer care and treatment at all stages – from assessing the risks of future ulceration and providing specialist evaluation for diabetic foot ulcer control to major corrective surgery.

Diabetic foot reconstruction techniques

Not long ago, there were two options for patients with a diabetic foot: restrict weight bearing or amputate. In 1990, 4.5% of patients had their diabetic foot amputated. Techniques in the past didn’t provide lasting support for healing bones – metal structures broke down and screws would shift or disconnect. The devices used weren’t intended for diabetic feet and were actually designed for use in trauma patients.

Today, 0.014% of patients can expect amputation, as reconstruction is the preferred alternative.* 95% of the patients who underwent foot reconstruction at London Bridge Hospital can walk just a few months after surgery.

Figures from King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Diabetic Foot Unit

Meet Professor Venu Kavarthapu, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Professor Venu Kavarthapu is the first surgeon in the UK who fully reconstructed a major diabetic foot deformity on a patient. He leads the multidisciplinary diabetic foot team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and now at London Bridge Hospital. Over his career, he has researched and campaigned for new techniques and devices that significantly improve the outcomes for patients offered amputation by their local clinicians. The techniques pioneered by Professor Kavarthapu mean that reconstruction is a successful alternative to major amputation.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation

Working in partnership with London Bridge Hospital, the Diabetic Foot Clinic offers patients continuous, seamless rehabilitation and care. Once patients are able to leave the hospital, the team can provide tailored rehabilitation programmes to seamlessly bridge the gap between leaving hospital and returning home.

These programmes detail the steps patients need to take to recuperate and rediscover their independence in a safe and supported recovery environment. We expect patients to fully recover from surgery, and in most cases, regain the ability to walk without support, within three to six months of surgery.

The multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary team led by Professor Kavarthapu, Mr Hester and Dr Vas provides end-to-end support for our patients, ensuring a steady and lasting recovery. At the heart of this team are consultant orthopaedic and vascular surgeons and radiologists working alongside consultant diabetologists.

Allied healthcare professionals experienced in diabetic foot conditions and reconstruction are crucial in the long-term care of patients with complex needs. London Bridge Hospital is also able to call on leading consultants from other specialties that diabetic patients might require.

Walking again: Timothy's story of restoring mobility

“I wanted to avoid having a second amputation as this would mean I'd have difficulty in walking and perform my daily duties as a farmer. That's why I was so glad that I discovered Professor Kavarthapu and Dr Vas – not only were they able to preserve my foot but they also managed to reconstruct my toe.”

Meet the team at Diabetic Foot Clinic

Prof Venu Kavarthapu

Professor Venu Kavarthapu

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Professor Venu Kavarthapu is an internationally recognised specialist in surgical foot reconstruction. He established the popular ‘Multidisciplinary and Surgical Reconstruction of Charcot Foot Symposium and Cadaver Workshop’. He has recently been elected as the President of the Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons. As well as heading our Diabetic Foot Clinic at London Bridge Hospital, he teaches his speciality around the world.

Mr Thomas Hester

Mr Thomas Hester

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

As part of his subspecialist interest in foot and ankle surgery, Mr Hester works within the Diabetic Foot Reconstruction Team at King's College Hospital and London Bridge Hospital. He is involved in a number of key research areas in this evolving field of medicine and has many peer reviewed papers on the subject.

Mr Prashanth Vas

Dr Prashanth Vas

Consultant Diabetologist

Dr Vas is a Consultant Diabetologist and Diabetic Foot Physician based at King’s College Hospital, which set up the world’s first multidisciplinary foot clinic. His specialisms include diabetic neuropathy, Charcot foot, diabetic foot infections and peripheral vascular disease management.

The wider diabetic foot team

At the heart of this team are consultant orthopaedic and vascular surgeons and radiologists working alongside consultant diabetologists.

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An initial outpatient consultation will be with either Professor Venu Kavarthapu or Mr Thomas Hester, and Dr Prashanth Vas at HCA UK at The Shard.

To refer a patient, email or call +44 (0)20 3667 3131.

For all other referrals, email or call 020 7234 2009.

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