The da Vinci® Surgical System

The da Vinci® Surgical System provides surgeons with unparalleled visibility and range of motion far greater than the human hand and wrist. This means more precise and intricate movements can be made during surgery with exceptional accuracy and smaller incisions.  A phenomenal step forward for patient outcomes and recovery.

Hear Dr Kathryn Oakland, Director of Robotics at HCA UK explain why patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery assisted by the da Vinci® can expect to return home faster, with less pain, less trauma and more mobility.

How does da Vinci® robotic surgery work?

While procedures vary, the process of robotic surgery typically involves tiny incisions being made and a small 3D camera and surgical instruments placed inside the patient, giving the surgeon a 360 degree view of the operative area. The surgeon then sits at a console within the theatre, using the hand and foot controls to move the robotic arms and perform the necessary treatment.

Compared to traditional techniques, this minimally invasive approach can cause less damage to surrounding tissue and nerves and drastically reduce a patient’s hospital stay and their risk of infection.

Watch our robotic assisted surgeons in action, please note viewer discretion is advised as video depicts a real-life surgical procedure.

Why da Vinci® robotics at HCA UK?

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    Experienced consultant clinical leadership, steered by the HCA Robotics Council.

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    Patient volumes

    In 2020 HCA UK performed over 500 robotic procedures – more than any other UK private hospital provider.

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    Only the most proficient robotic surgeons practise with us. Our rigorous governance process monitors clinical excellence through regular assessment of patient volumes and outcomes and surgical performance and training.

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    Clinical pathways

    Every patient offered minimally invasive surgery will receive specialist care throughout their treatment. From bespoke pre-operative planning to post-operative enhanced monitoring.

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    Multidisciplinary approach

    Robotic surgery is delivered via a multidisciplinary team consisting of consultant surgeons, surgical care practitioners, theatre nurses, fellows and anaesthetists

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    Operational excellence

    We have robotic co-ordinators in each centre to enhance the full capability of our company wide robotics programme.

Our robotic specialists

We work with top surgeons from NHS teaching hospitals who bring decades of clinical experience to deliver the best in robotic surgery.

Find a robotic surgeon specialised in:

da Vinci® Single Port surgical system

We are proud to be the first healthcare provider in the UK* to offer patients access to the da Vinci Single Port (SP) surgical system. 

This innovative technology complements the existing da Vinci Xi multi-port system, allowing surgeons to perform complex surgical procedures through just one incision. Single Port enables surgeons access to the different tools they need for surgery on a single robotic arm through an incision smaller than three centimetres.

*(As of 22 April 2024)

Robotic capabilities across multiple specialties

Our specialist da Vinci® robotic centres

HCA Healthcare UK provides specialist robot surgery across a range of different medical specialties in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Other robotic navigation systems at HCA UK

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Mako® robot

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Spinal robot ExcelsiusGPS


Giving patients living with chronic back pain and other spinal conditions access to the latest and most effective minimally invasive technology.

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