About our screening services

Screening is an effective tool in diagnosing cancer before you notice any obvious symptoms, providing an opportunity to identify any pre-cancerous or early cancerous cell changes. Diagnosing cancer at its earliest stage significantly improves long term treatment outcomes.


At HCA Healthcare UK we have the latest diagnostic technology, allowing our specialist clinicians to identify cancer at its earliest stages. We provide screening clinics for breastlungcolorectal and liver cancers. You can access our screening clinics if you meet the relevant criteria or have been referred with specific concerns. Cancer screening can also be provided as part of a comprehensive men’s or women’s health check.

Genetic testing

We offer germ line genetic testing to assess your inherited risk of developing cancer. These tests allow you to make an informed decision about potential risk-reducing treatments if required.

In some cases specific inherited genes are linked to breast, ovarian, colorectal and prostate cancers. If you meet the clinical criteria based on a family history of cancer or other clinical risk factors, you may be eligible for hereditary genetic testing.

Our Hereditary Cancer Genetic clinics are led by expert consultant geneticists, who will guide and support you throughout the genetic testing process. If you do decide to go ahead with genetic testing, our consultants are on hand to explain your test results and advise on any risk-reducing strategies or treatments.

Our cancer screening locations

We offer a range of cancer screening across the HCA Healthcare UK network, specific diagnosis tests may only be available at individual locations. We will be able to advise the types of screening available at each location.  

Contact our experienced cancer team

Any questions about our cancer services or treatment? We're happy to advise you or help you book an appointment in London or Manchester with a cancer specialist consultant.

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