Transformative single incision robotic surgical system

We are proud to be the first healthcare provider in the UK* to offer patients access to the da Vinci Single Port (SP) surgical system. 

This innovative technology complements the existing da Vinci Xi multi-port system, allowing surgeons to perform complex surgical procedures through just one incision. Single Port enables surgeons access to the different tools they need for surgery on a single robotic arm through an incision smaller than three centimetres.

*(As of 22 April 2024)

 Benefits for patients

Patients can experience the same benefits as the multi-port robotic system, such as less pain, less trauma, more mobility, and a quicker return home. da Vinci Single Port has the potential to further enhance these benefits due to the single incision point.

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    Suitable for patients with previous abdominal surgeries

    The da Vinci Single Port introduces a new option for patients who have undergone previous abdominal surgery, or those with lots of scar tissue from previous operations.

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    Potential for surgery through natural orifices

    The da Vinci Single Port brings the potential for surgery without incision by going through a natural orifice in the body.

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    Suitable for patients who are unable to have multiple incisions

    The da Vinci Single Port may further reduce the post-operative discomfort of creating surgical wounds, including those who previously may not have been able to have robotic surgery, or those who are unable to have multiple incisions.

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    Retroperitoneal approach

    The da Vinci Single Port system can be used through a ‘retroperitoneal approach’ meaning scars can be placed very low and away from the front of the abdomen to access the kidney for either a partial or total kidney removal, all through one small incision.

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    Suitable for patients with low BMI and small prostates

    The extraperitoneal aspect of the da Vinci Single Port is transformative. Its single incision has the potential to lead to shorter hospital stays .

How da Vinci Single Port works

Developed by Intuitive, the da Vinci Single Port system features:

  • Three multi-jointed, wristed instruments which provide surgeons with enhanced dexterity and precision. This allows accurate and precise surgical manoeuvres in narrow spaces.
    Instead of having four separate ports, this system comes entirely through an incision smaller than three centimetres. Out of that one port, four different individual arms will operate and triangulate, allowing surgeons to operate around one specific area.   
  • A fully wristed 3D, high-definition camera which provides clear, magnifying views of the operating field.

The instruments and the camera all emerge through an extremely flexible single cannula which enters through a single incision or natural orifice.

Once the cannula is inside the body, surgeons use the instruments they require to undertake the surgery, which are fully articulating and controlled by the surgeon from a console.

Surgical proctoring for da Vinci Single Port surgery

Consultant urological surgeons Mr Ben Challacombe, Professor Chris Eden and Mr Declan Cahill are leading the introduction of this technology into the UK which will initially support patients undergoing surgery for urological conditions including prostate, kidney and bladder cancers.

They are some of the UK’s highest volume and most experienced robotic surgeons and are all proficient in robotic assisted surgery using the da Vinci Xi multi-port. The team received additional training for Single Port surgery in line with Intuitive’s robotic training programme, accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons.

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