Soft-tissue therapy treatments

The assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue Injuries

If you have a muscle or joint pain due to a sporting activity, our sports medicine consultants and sports therapists can help with your recovery and rehabilitation

What is soft tissue therapy?

If you experience a soft-tissue injury we offer a range of treatment options. There is a high occurrence of soft tissue injuries in sport and exercise, and dependent on your injury and its severity, you may require physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic or other soft-tissue rehabilitation.

At the first appointment your sports medicine consultant, will discuss your condition with you and assess the extent of the injury. From this they can develop a recovery plan, refer you for therapy, to assist your recovery process.

Need to know

  • What can soft tissue therapy do? icon plus

    Dependent on your injury, there are a range of soft tissue therapy treatment options we can offer you.


    • This can help with a range of injuries. Different massage and exercise techniques can help improve strength, flexibility, and movement dysfunctions, reducing pain and increasing function.


    • Your therapist can apply different techniques to increase the mobility of your joints. This is achieved through physical massage and manipulation of your bones, muscles and ligaments.

    Chiropractic treatment

    • This is a hand- on alternative therapy to help relax bones, muscles and ligaments. It is particularly helpful for spinal injuries and general back pain.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    Your therapist will explain your therapeutic procedure to you and answer any questions you may have. It is unlikely you will need to prepare anything, and you shouldn't experience any side effects for these treatments.
  • After therapy icon plus

    Your therapist will discuss different exercises you can undertake to aid your recovery process. They may also arrange suitable follow-up appointments with you for more therapy sessions.

Our sports medicine consultants

We're proud to work with leading sports and exercise medicine experts, who specialise in managing a wide range of sports injuries, taking into account the recovery time and return to sporting activity.

Many of our sports consultant work regularly with individuals, clubs and teams to help promote injury prevention, and manage ongoing injuries and fitness.

Our locations

From assessment and management of sporting injuries, to regular outpatient sessions to aid recovery and rehabilitation, we provide exceptional therapy services across our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics.

Request a Sports Medicine appointment

We're happy to help you make an appointment with one of our experienced sports medicine consultants. We can also make appointments for outpatients physiotherapy.

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