Virtual consultations

Doctors appointments using video from your computer or phone

Video & telephone consultations

To minimise travel and exposure to COVID-19, our GPs and consultants are able to see patients with a health concern via a virtual consultation. 

Virtual consultations are a useful and effective method for initial and follow-up consultations. They reduce patient numbers in outpatient settings, making these even safer environments for consultations and diagnostics.  

Virtual consultations are scheduled appointments with your consultant or GP via online video technology or telephone. These are not new to HCA UK, however during the COVID-19 outbreak, discussing a health concern with your consultant without having to leave your home has become the new normal.
You can book a virtual consultation by calling our bookings team on 020 3993 4995 or through your consultant’s medical secretary.
Our consultants can discuss and assess all non-life threatening health concerns and medical conditions with you.
Should you need further investigations your consultant will refer you for diagnostic tests and scans, and if required, begin the process of planning your treatment.

Whether you’re booking an appointment or speaking with one of our consultants or GPs directly, your data is fully protected:

  • Your account is password protected with a secure login
  • You will always have secure access to the site and app
  • All video and phone consultations are encrypted

Please be assured that we will never share your confidential information with third parties.