Multiplate platelet function analysis


This test is used to assess the effectiveness of ‘blood thinners’ prescribed to prevent heart attacks and strokes

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About platelet function testing

Multiplate platelet function analysis is useful in the assessment of inherited (genetic) and acquired platelet function disorders, in the analysis of platelet function in anaesthesia and intensive care, and for the monitoring of platelet 'antagonists' (medicines that help to prevent blood clots).

A stand blood sample is taken and the test done from this sample. A platelet function test can:

  • Help diagnose platelet diseases
  • Check your platelet function during complex surgical procedures, such as heart bypass or trauma surgery. More complex procedures can have an increased risk of bleeding
  • Pre- surgical check, if there is a personal or family history of bleeding disorders
  • Monitor patients who are taking blood thinning medication. These medicines may be given to reduce clotting in people at risk for heart attack or stroke.

Our HCA UK Laboratories

At our laboratories we analyse patient specimen's such as blood and tissue, using bespoke panels as well as routine tests to help make diagnoses and pinpoint the most suitable treatment.

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