Private FibroScan®

 A similar environment to having an ultrasound. This scan is called a transient elastrography for the measurement of liver fibrosis. At HCA UK our hepatologists can provide Fibroscan® technology in London, Birmingham and Manchester

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What is a Fibroscan®?

FibroScan® is a quick, non-invasive measurement of the elasticity of liver tissue, without the need for a biopsy. It is a similar process to an ultrasound and carried out as an outpatient test where you can go home straight after.

Using high frequency sound waves, FibroScan® measures how elastic or stiff your liver is, to assess scarring and damage. Liver fibrosis refers to a scarring of liver tissue. It is the liver's response to injury; and can, in some cases, lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

Need to know

You will be asked to lie on an examination couch and put your right arm above your head. The specialist will find the right place on your abdomen to perform the scan, place a probe on it and trigger the probe to start.

Soundwaves will emit from the probe in pulses, and pass through your skin to your liver and bounce back. This will feel like a gentle flick against your skin and shouldn't hurt. The scanner measures the time it takes for the sound wave to bounce back.

This is repeated at least 10 times to ensure accuracy. The mean (average) reading is then calculated by the scanner ‒ this shows your liver stiffness.

The procedure takes 10‒20 minutes in the screening room.
You'll be asked not to eat or drink anything for two hours before your FibroScan®. However, small sips of water or clear fluid are permissible but not large amounts of fluid. You should continue taking any prescribed medication.

While you won't need to remove any clothing for the scan, we will need to expose the right side of your abdomen. Therefore we don't recommend that women wear a dress on the day of their scan.

Right before your scan, you'll also be able to ask the nurse any questions you may have. Provided you are happy to proceed, the FibroScan® procedure will commence.
As soon as the FibroScan® is finished you will be able to leave.

The result will be sent to the consultant and they will discuss it with you at your next outpatient appointment with a view to advising you appropriately on a treatment plan.

Our Private FibroScan® locations

The Princess Grace Hospital

The Princess Grace Hospital

42-52 Nottingham Place W1U 5NY London
The Lister Hospital

The Lister Hospital

Chelsea Bridge Road, SW1W 8RH London
London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital

27 Tooley Street SE1 2PR London