Drug allergy testing in children


The Portland Hospital runs testing for children who may have a reaction to a medication, testing is carried out in a safe, supervised, friendly environment.

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About drug allergy testing

Drug allergy testing is similar to food allergy testing except it's used to check for reactions to medicines known to cause reactions.

We also offer vaccinations to egg allergic children using egg-containing vaccines such as flu, yellow fever, and MMR. We also offer vaccinations for chickenpox.

Need to know

As a parent, you can have peace of mind that your child is being tested or treated exclusively by leading allergy consultants and nurses in our state-of-art paediatric facilities at The Portland Hospital.

Your child will be exposed to a small amount of the drug that is suspected to be the problem and carefully watched to see what happens. If this doesn't cause any symptoms, then increasingly larger amounts are be given until it can be confirmed that your child isn't allergic to the drug. Any reactions will treated promptly and safely.

Your consultant will explain exactly how a drug allergy test is carried out, what to expect and if there is anything you need to do to prepare your child. Like all procedures, there may be some risks and side effects involved. Your consultant will explain these to you. Make sure you let them know if your child is currently taking any medication.
If your child does react to a drug, they will be cared for and any reactions treated promptly and safely.

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The Portland Hospital

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