HCA Healthcare UK Formulary

Our position

The following statements are detailed to clarify the position on HCA Healthcare UK (HCA UK) Formulary and the implementation of NICE Technology Appraisals (TA) for medicines.

Publication and accessibility of Formulary (Reference SC27.1.1): HCA UK will access the electronic British National Formulary (eBNF) as a platform. HCA UK does not currently have a local formulary in place as consultants are engaged from various NHS Trusts/Foundation Trusts. The prescribing of medication will be in accordance with the eBNF formulary and evidence based guidelines.

For Oncology treatments, HCA UK has a clear governance framework and pathway in place to ensure adherence to evidence-based prescribing practices.

Relevant NICE Technology Appraisals (Reference SC27.1.2): HCA UK does not routinely treat NHS patients, however as part of our medicine's management governance framework, relevant NICE TA will be reviewed appropriately at local hospitals. 

Availability of treatments recommended in positive NICE Technology Appraisals (Reference SC27.1.3): NICE TA are not applicable since HCA UK does not usually provide treatment under an NHS contract. However, HCA UK will collaborate closely with all NHS Hospital Trusts to ensure continuity of care for any newly admitted NHS contract patients already receiving treatment.