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At HCA UK we're proud that world-leading medical experts choose to practise at our hospitals and specialist clinics.

Our philosophy of continual investment is designed not only to ensure the best treatment for our patients, but also the best development opportunities for our consultants and medical teams. From revolutionary technologies like the Gamma Knife, Mako Robot and da Vinci Robot to advanced medical treatments such as CAR T-Cell Therapy, our hospitals are regularly among the first in the UK to acquire the latest industry innovations. This means our consultants are often among the first in the country to operate them.

 However it’s not just our advanced medical technology and patient-first philosophy that sets HCA Healthcare UK apart. We remain the only independent healthcare group in the UK to specialise in both complex and acute medical conditions. Delivering comprehensive care to consistently high levels is what brings our patients to us from all over the world. And it's what continues to attract the best healthcare professionals to our hospitals.

 The dedication of our consultants and entire team of supportive medical staff have earned us our reputation for excellence in private healthcare.

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Practising privileges

If you're interested in practising with us, we invite you to find out more about the process of obtaining practising privileges at our hospitals.

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Physician Support Services

As one of the largest providers of privately-funded healthcare in the UK, HCA Healthcare UK is pleased to offer packages to help overcome everyday challenges faced by private medical practices.