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Pneumonia is a severe chest infection that affects your breathing — our respiratory experts can diagnose and treat you

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Pneumonia is a severe chest infection that requires treatment. It normally occurs because of swelling tissue in your lungs. This happens as a result of a bacterial infection and affects your breathing. There are a range of symptoms you may experience, such as coughing and a rapid heartbeat. Our respiratory experts can help to diagnose and treat you.

Need to know

Symptoms you may experience if you have pneumonia include:

  • a dry cough that produces blood-stained phlegm
  • breathing difficulties
  • chest pain
  • fever/sweating and shivering
  • feeling unwell
  • loss of appetite
  • muscle and/or joint pain

Your consultant may be able to diagnose pneumonia by firstly asking about your symptoms. They can then listen to your chest with a stethoscope, Other tests that can be taken include:

  • chest X-ray to assess
  • lung or chest abnormalities
  • mucus and/or blood tests

Your consultant will discuss your treatment options and help to determine the best approach for you. Treatment options might include:

  • a course of antibiotic medication
  • recommendations about resting and check-up appointments

If you experience more severe pneumonia, you may need to stay in hospital for closer monitoring during your recovery. This may include being placed on a ventilator to assist your breathing.

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