Migraines are moderate-to-severe headaches, which can lead to nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light

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Migraines are throbbing headaches, usually felt on one side of the head. They can lead to nausea and vomiting, as well as an increased sensitivity to light (photophobia), noise (phonophobia) and smell (osmophobia). They're not life threatening but they can be distressing. If you're suffering from them, we can alleviate your symptoms.

Need to know

Migraines usually begin in early adulthood, affecting 1 in 5 women, and 1 in 15 men. The common symptoms of migraines include:

  • throbbing pain on one side of your head
  • nausea and vomitting
  • light sensitivity (photophobia)
  • noise sensitivity (phonophobia)
  • smell sensitivity (osmophobia)

Some people experience these symptoms without the throbbing pain. This is known as a migraine aura without headache (or silent migraine).

There isn't a specific diagnostic test for migraines. Instead, your HCA UK neurologist will look to establish the pattern and nature of your headaches. This may involve discussing your symptoms and asking you to keep a diary of your headaches. They may, if necessary, recommend certain diagnostic tests and scans.
Your neurologist will discuss your symptoms with you. This may involve prescribing painkillers and anti-migraine drugs for acute (serious) attacks. If you experience frequent migraines, they may prescribe drugs that can help to prevent them from happening.

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The Harley Street Clinic

The Harley Street Clinic

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The Lister Hospital

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The Shard Outpatients

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