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If your child shows symptoms of epilepsy, our neurological and paediatric experts can help to diagnose and treat them

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What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy in children is a common neurological (brain) condition. The brain experiences unwanted bursts of electrical activity, causing the body to have a seizure. This is commonly known as an epileptic fit. There are different diagnoses of childhood epilepsy. Our paediatric neurologists can identify these types and treat your child.

Need to know

These can include:

  • seizures where the body shakes and/or jerks uncontrollably
  • stiffness in the body
  • collapsing
  • staring blankly into space
  • development of learning difficulties

Your child's consultant will discuss their symptoms with you to help make a diagnosis. They will ask for a detailed description of the seizures they may have experienced. This should include the age of their first fit and how many times they have occurred.

Our consultant can then understand more about the type of epilepsy "syndrome" your child may have. Tests we offer to diagnose epilepsy include:

Epilepsy can be a lifelong condition that is managed rather than cured. At HCA UK, we offer a number of treatment options. 

  • Anti-epilepsy medication to help control electrical activity to the brain. This can reduce seizures as a result.
  • Ketogenic diet (high fat, low carbohydrate) can be recommended for children if medication isn't helping.
  • In some cases, brain surgery is an option for children who experience multiple, regular and violent seizures.

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