Paediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT)

Otorhinolaryngology for babies and children

Our team of paediatric ENT consultants diagnose and treat many health conditions related to the ear, nose and throat

Our ENT service for children

Ear, nose and throat issues are common in babies and children. Although they're often as simple as a blocked nose or sore throat, these symptoms may need investigating if they recur. At The Portland Hospital, our experienced paediatric ENT consultants treat all kinds of ENT conditions. So no matter if your child needs a short course of antibiotics or complex surgery, they'll get the highest level of care with us.

Our paediatric ENT consultants work closely with specialists from other areas such as audiology, and speech and language therapy to help make sure your child's development isn't affected by their condition or any treatment they might need. If they have surgery and stay overnight, they'll receive exceptional and one-to-one care from our experience paediatric nursing team.

If your child needs urgent ENT care, we have a dedicated Urgent Care Centre for Children open at The Portland Hospital.

Hearing services for Children

At HCA UK we offer an number of private services to help analyse and diagnose hearing problems and hearing loss.

Our specialist paediatric audiology and audio vestibular-medicine team provide a hearing-loss-assessment service, which includes balance testing, sensorineural hearing loss (damage to the hair cells in the cochlea), newborn hearing investigations, and assessment for central auditory processing disorders. We also have a team of paediatric speech and language therapists who provide specialist services to our inpatients and as an outpatient service.

Amongst a wide range of treatments available we offer, Cochlear implants, Early ear correction and Ear buddies® and Grommets for Glue ear.

ENT treatments for Children available at HCA UK

  • Adenoid and tonsil removal

    If your child suffers from acute or chronic tonsillitis or other symptoms including sleep apnoea or glue ear, your consultant may recommend having your child's adenoids and tonsils removed. This combined procedure is commonly performed by our paediatric ear, nose and throat surgeons.  In...

  • Adenoid removal

    Adenoids are part of the immune system in children. They begin to shrink around the age of seven and usually disappear by adulthood. Adenoids can become inflamed due to frequent infections or allergies. They can cause uncomfortable symptoms for your child, such as breathing problems or ear infections.

  • Tonsil removal

    Tonsils are part of the immune system and help to protect the body against illness and bacteria. However, if you suffer from recurrent infections, persistent discomfort, sleep apnoea or other associated complaints, tonsil removal may be recommended.

  • Grommets for glue ear

    A grommet is a tiny plastic tube with a hole in the centre which can be inserted into the eardrum to help with glue ear. Glue ear is a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum. Glue ear can make it hard to hear and may have an impact your child’s speech development, or can be a sign of more serious...

  • Frenectomy

    Frenulums in the mouth are thin bands of tissue, usually at the underside of the tongue, which can sometimes make it difficult for your child to nurse, eat or speak properly. A quick procedure can release or remove this tissue.

Our paediatric ENT consultants

Our paediatric ear, nose and throat specialists diagnose and treat conditions that affect children, including babies and teenagers.

Our consultant also work closely with our allergy specialists

Our paediatric specialist hospital

From complex surgery to straightforward procedures, we provide exceptional care at our paediatric specialist hospital, with consultations also available at a number of our outpatient centres.

Request an appointment with a paediatrician 

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