Ear Buddies™

Non-surgical ear correction for infants

Ear Buddies™ splints are a pain-free and permanent way to correct your baby's abnormally shaped or prominent ears

What are Ear BuddiesTM?

Ear Buddies™ are a non-invasive splinting system to manage ear shape problems, they are designed to be fitted at home by parents. By treating babies early and avoiding surgery, this Early Ear Correction™ system provides better results, without risk.

The Portland Hospital treats children with common ear deformities without the need for surgery, this service is led by plastic surgeon Mr Chris Abela.

Need to know

  • How do Ear Buddies™ work? icon plus

    Ear Buddies™ splints remould the cartilage folds in your baby's ears to restore the correct natural ear shape and prevent their ears from sticking out. The splints are fitted into the hollow of your baby's ear and fixed with special adhesive strips. Then the ear is comfortably secured to the side of their head.

    The splints hold your baby’s soft ear cartilage in place, helping the correct shape to 'set' as they develop and the cartilage in their ear hardens. New-born babies will need to wear Ear Buddies™ for two to four weeks.

    Older infants may need up to six months. The earlier the treatment is started the easier and more effective it is.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    About 4% of babies are born with an ear deformity, such as lop ear, rim kinks or Stahl’s bar.

    Depending on the age of your baby and their ear abnormality, your paediatrician will show you how to fit your Ear Buddies™​​ splints and let you know how long they should be worn for.
  • After using Ear Buddies™ icon plus

    If the splints are worn correctly for the recommended period of time, the correction of your baby's ears should be permanent. If you feel that your baby's ears are changing shape or becoming more prominent, speak to your paediatrician as soon as possible. They may suggest a follow-up consultation to refit the splints.

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